Trichrome Extracts 5 Grams for $100

Trichomes And Those Wonderful Cannabis Extracts

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What are Trichomes?

Trichomes are those little ‘hairs’ that are the sticky, gooey part of the bud and they hold all the terpenes, the pungent oils that give marijuana its distinctive scent and flavor. The terpenes also concentrate the health and euphoric effects of cannabis.

When the trichomes are harvested, they can be turned into an extract like shatter, which in turn can be vaped or dabbed in order to experience the many benefits of the individual compounds of cannabis. Shatter also comes as butter or sugarwax. Butter is cloudy and amber colored crystals, with less cannabinoids but more terpenes. Sugarwax is almost the consistency of wet sand, due to the terpene contents.

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