Venom Extracts Shatter Deal at Kind Meds AZ

Venom Shatter 5g for $100

Do you love shatter as much as we do? You’re in luck!

Kind Meds has partnered with Venom Extracts to offer a shatter deal, especially for our medical marijuana cardholders.

For a limited time only, come by for five grams of Venom Extracts shatter for only $100.00.

Venom Extracts Shatter Cannabis Concentrate

Shatter is a marijuana concentrate that comes from an extraction process. Although there are many forms of cannabis concentrates, you can generally tell which ones are shatter by their texture and consistency. Shatter is known for looking like honey or honey comb in both shape and color. In fact, even the consistency is like honey when it’s warm. When it’s cold the consistency is more like glass, causing it to “shatter” when tapped or dropped.

For most shatter fans the ultimate high comes from inhaling shatter from a “rig” or glass water pipe, similar to a bong, only there is a metal or glass “nail” where the bowl would be. A heating element is used to heat the nail and then the shatter is added, it’s vaporized instantly, allowing the user to inhale vapes.

Do you use dab?

Come by Kind Meds AZ if you want to try dabbing or you’re interested in our Venom Extracts Shatter deal. Get it while it’s hot!