The Best Hand Pipes for Cannabis in 2022

The Best Hand Pipes for Cannabis in 2022

Once you’ve picked out the right marijuana strain for you, it’s time to find a piece to use to smoke it! Whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or a novice, the vast selection of smoking devices and pipes available can be a bit overwhelming. [1] Mariani, J. J., Brooks, D., Haney, M., & Levin, F. R. (2011). Quantification and comparison of marijuana smoking practices: blunts, joints, and pipes.Drug and alcohol dependence,113(2-3), … Continue reading We’ve highlighted some of the best pipes for cannabis in 2022. Look for your unique smoking style and choose one that vibes the best with you.

Spoon Pipe

Looking to keep your smoking simple? The spoon pipe is what most people think of when it comes to the best pipes for smoking cannabis. Typically, you’ll find a spoon pipe in the collection of anyone who enjoys smoking their cannabis. In fact, the spoon pipe has been one of the most popular for decades and is a pretty basic design that anyone can use. Spoon pipes have four parts: a bowl, a neck, a mouthpiece, and a carb. Spoon pipes are generally flat under the bowl, allowing the user to safely rest the pipe on a variety of surfaces.

Because most spoon pipes are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a pocket, they are relatively easy to smoke with. In addition, even if your spoon pipe is made from glass, its small size allows it to be transported pretty easily and efficiently. That won’t stop it from shattering under force, however, so it’s a good idea to handle carefully.

While spoon pipes do come in a range of materials, the glass spoon pipe is by far the most common. Although glass is relatively fragile, skilled artists are able to create beautiful pieces that are true works of art. Even basic spoon pipes come in a wide variety of vibrant colors and unique styles to choose from, making it easy to pick one that feels personal to you. Do the same in choosing a cannabis strain that is right for you.

Spoon Pipe


Sherlock Pipes

Want to add a little class to your smoke sesh? Try a Sherlock pipe. Sherlock pipes, also known as Gandalf pipes, are another easily recognizable, distinguished, and popular pipe style. Named after fictional detective Sherlock Holmes or the wise Gandalf The Gray from the popular Lord of The Rings movies, the Sherlock pipe’s classic style has long been associated with academia and intelligence. It’s fitting, then, that pipe smokers have reported higher levels of education than other individuals.

Although the two terms are frequently interchanged, there is actually a slight difference between the Sherlock and Gandalf pipes. Both pipes have long necks, but the Gandalf pipe has a longer neck than the Sherlock pipe. Occasionally, the pipes will change in bowl size, as well. Most Sherlocks have a bowl large enough to fit 3-6 hits per hand-packed bowl. This amount can be increased if you are utilizing a grinder.

Even if you don’t plan on smoking your pipe in your library or study, Sherlock pipes can provide a quick drag in the comfort of your home with the same amount of style. The nice bonus of the elongated neck of the Sherlock pipe, which reduces the harshness of the hit by slightly cooling the smoke as you inhale, makes it one of the best hand pipes for cannabis smoking.

The shape of the long neck also conveniently helps to prevent any ash from getting sucked through while you’re taking a hit. Because of the curved spoon shape, some individuals consider the Sherlock pipe to be one of the most comfortable pipes to use on the current market. The curved shape makes the pipe easier to hold, especially while taking big drags.

Sherlock pipes typically feature a larger side carb than most other pipes so that you can regulate your hits. When you release the carb, it allows the smoke to flow through the pipe when you inhale. If you want to make your smoke sesh last longer, keep a firm hold over the carb.

Wood Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes come in a variety of materials. The classic pipe made popular by namesake Sherlock Holmes is made of wood. Unlike glass pipes, wooden pipes are slightly more durable and don’t break as easily. When smoking out of a wood pipe, you’ll notice that it has some extra flavor. For some, this takes a bit of an adjustment period, but you’ll quickly come around to enjoy the earthy, warm flavor.

Glass Sherlock Pipes

Glass sherlock pipes tend to be the most popular because of their affordability. When shopping, you’ll probably find the most options for glass pipes. Individuals enjoy the glass pipe because it allows your bud to stay true to flavor. As an added bonus, glass artists will occasionally attach a flat base to the pipe to make it stand upright when set down on a flat surface. It goes without saying that the glass pipe is the most fragile. While they can come in beautiful colors and styles, they probably won’t last long in the hands of a more clumsy individual.

Wood Sherlock Pipes

Silicone Sherlock Pipes

Silicone Sherlock pipes are by far the most durable on the market and are typically significantly cheaper than pipes made from glass. Although they aren’t transparent like glass pipes, they come in a rainbow of beautiful, vibrant colors. You’ll be missing out on the unique creativity of glass or wood pipes when you choose to go with silicone material, but the durability is definitely worth it.

If you’re smoking your Sherlock pipe over a hard surface like your concrete patio or the hardwood floors of your living room, silicone can withstand the falls from clumsy hands. Silicone is extremely hard to break — some individuals even joke that they could kick their pipe across the room, and it wouldn’t have any damage!

If you are trying to take your pipe on the go, silicone is your best option because of its portability. In addition to being durable, some models of silicone pipes can fold or collapse. You won’t need to purchase an extra carrying case for your silicone pipe, unlike your glass one.



If you don’t want to hide your pipe, transport something bulky, or pack an entire bowl at once, try a chillum. The chillum is typically a small cylinder, though there are a wide variety of sizes and materials. [2]Steinberg, M. K., Hobbs, J. J., & Mathewson, K. (Eds.). (2004). Dangerous Harvest. Oxford Scholarship Online. Retrieved May 5, 2022, from … Continue reading Chillums have a long history when it comes to smoking cannabis. They have been used for spiritual and holy occasions across the globe. The use of the chillum dates back to the 18th century in Africa, South America, and India. It finally made its debut in the United States in, you guessed it, the 1960s. [3]Gregory, R. (2021). Chillums: Traditional Folk Pipes.Retrieved May 5, 2022, from

If you’re looking for the most direct, quickest way to smoke, chillums are the way to go. The chillum features a direct path from the bowl to the mouth, which results in a more efficient, heavier hit. Unlike the majority of hand pipes, the chillum does not have a carburetor. The downside to the lack of a carb is that you are unable to control the airflow as well as you would with other hand pipes, like the spoon or Sherlock. While most chillums offer multiple hits, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t burn up all your product immediately.

Because of their small size, slim profile, and lightweight, chillums are easily the most discreet out of all the different hand pipes. Although most Americans’ view of smoking marijuana is much more favorable than some people realize, if you want to take extra precautions, chillums can be disguised easily. [4]Keyhani, S., Steigerwald, S., Ishida, J., Vali, M., Cerdá, M., Hasin, D., Dollinger, C., Yoo, S. R., & Cohen, B. E. (2018). Risks and Benefits of Marijuana Use. Annals of Internal Medicine, … Continue reading Some are made to look like cigarettes or cigars. Additionally, chillums can slip into almost any size pocket, and are relatively easy to carry in a backpack or purse.



Want to impress your friends? Consider getting a bubbler. A bubbler pipe is a hand pipe that holds a small amount of water. They’re fairly recent creations, and most people consider them a more portable, smaller version of a bong. Like bongs, they use percolation of the water to help filter the harshness of the smoke and deliver a smooth hit. If you’re a novice smoker, choosing to use a bubbler for cannabis smoking can be a great transition as you learn the process of using a bong.

Despite their appearance, bubblers are pretty straightforward. You can almost think of it as someone adding a little compartment to the bottom of a spoon pipe for the water, and switching the neck for a Sherlock style. The combination of styles makes it one of the coolest and most popular hand pipes on the market today. As an added bonus, bubblers are typically outfitted with a carb, which you can use to control the size of your hit.


However, as cool as bubblers are, you do need to take cleaning into consideration. Out of all the hand pipes, bubblers can be one of the most difficult to clean. Unlike its big brother, the bong, you are unable to take apart any pieces of the bubbler to get to the inside water chamber.

Cleaning your bubbler can be a bit challenging, but most individuals who prefer bubblers think that the smooth, clean hits absolutely outweigh the downside. Bubblers come in a variety of styles and materials, as well. Hammer, Sherlock, Pendant, and Sidecar bubblers all have their own advantages.

  • Hammer Bubblers

    Unlike most bubblers that have regular shaped bowls, the hammer bubbler lives up to its name with its sleek hammer-like design. Hammer bubblers are flat on the bottom of the bowl to ensure that your bubbler does not move around when you set it down.

  • Sherlock Bubblers

    A Sherlock bubbler is very similar to a Sherlock pipe. It looks a lot like a hammer bubbler but has a longer neck. Unlike a typical Sherlock, Sherlock bubblers often have more of an “S” curve to their neck.

  • Pendant Bubblers

    Pendant bubblers also live up to their name. They are small enough to be portable, but big enough to be efficient. Most pendant bubblers have two holes, so that you can string them onto a necklace.

  • Sidecar Bubblers

    The stem and mouthpiece of a Sidecar Bubbler are a little offset from the water chamber, to minimize annoying, and sometimes gross, splash backs. Combined with the soothing effect of the water chamber, we recommend sidecar bubblers to anyone who is experiencing minor lung issues.

Choosing the Right Pipe for You

Choosing the Right Pipe for You

Hand pipes are a convenient and enjoyable way to consume cannabis. Since they are easy to use, convenient, and inexpensive, every cannabis user should have one hand pipe in his or her arsenal. Hand pipes can be used for any number of situations, but most importantly they provide smooth hits and flavorful smoke. Hand pipes are available at all price ranges, so it is very easy to find one that suits your needs.


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