Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like – a ready-to-use joint that is already packed with the cannabis product of your choice, encased in high-quality rolling paper, and rolled to perfection. 

If you have tried rolling your own joints with loose flower and your own paper, then you’re aware the process takes both patience and practice to avoid spillage, waste, and uneven results. For example, you may think you have a perfectly rolled joint, only to find out it burns inconsistently or falls apart in the middle. For this reason, pre-rolls are highly convenient whether you’re new to cannabis, you haven’t mastered rolling your own joints, or you simply prefer their easy access and use. Pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes, can be mixed and matched, and can even contain multiple strains and concentrates. Quality Kind Meds pre-rolls can enrich your cannabis experience in many different ways – learn more about our pre-roll products and how they can benefit you.

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What Are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls are simply joints that are pre-made for the convenience of the consumer. Quality cannabis flower is ground evenly and encased in high-quality rolling paper, relieving you from any worries about quantity, length, burn consistency, or having the necessary equipment on hand. Pre-rolls are often cylindrical like homemade joints, but many are cone-shaped; both can also include the filter apparatus some refer to as a “crutch.”

You can purchase pre-rolls in specific quantities, often as three- or five-packs or even as just a single joint. Pre-rolls are also made with a variety of cannabis strains, so you can ensure you are getting the desired effect whether you prefer your cannabis to lean indica, sativa, or hybrid. Some people choose pre-rolls that offer only CBD, as well as those that highlight THC and other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and more. As a result, pre-rolls can potentially help you address a range of medicinal and recreational goals.

How Are Pre-Rolls Made?

Pre-rolls, like homemade joints, can be made in multiple different fashions. However, they should all have one thing in common: they should always include premium flower which has been ground up to a lighter consistency. Whether machine-rolled or hand-rolled, expect your smoking experience to be convenient, discreet, and pleasurable. You can also choose specific-sized joints, different cannabis strains and hybrids, and joints that include a filter that keeps your hands clean while you enjoy the pre-roll. 

Machine Rolled Pre-Rolls

Machine-rolled pre-rolls are created using specialty machines that fill multiple cones simultaneously. The empty paper cones are held in place using a tube or base plate while a funnel evenly feeds a specific amount of ground cannabis flower into the roll. The machine then tamps down the ground cannabis to ensure no air pockets remain. Air pockets can interrupt the burning process once the joint is ignited, and it’s essential to have a consistent burn. Otherwise, the pre-roll will need to be continually relit, which detracts from the convenience and ease of the experience. 

Once the cannabis is inserted and evenly tamped, either by the machine or by a person with a small rod, the ends of the pre-roll are twisted or flattened to secure the insides. Another shake, sometimes by hand, allows the flower within to settle even further. Once this process is complete, it’s time to package the pre-rolls for sale in boxes, jars, or tubes.

Hand-Rolled Pre-Rolls

Some people prefer the high quality of a pre-roll that is made by hand. There is always one person overseeing this method to ensure quality and precision, while the person doing the actual rolling takes considerable time and effort to create a high-quality joint with a consistent burn. They might also include specialty ingredients on top of the cannabis flower, like cannabis concentrates.

A hand-rolled joint often requires a person to crush the cannabis flower as well. They must make sure the texture of the cannabis is even for ease of rolling and consistent burn. Once the cannabis is ground to the correct consistency, it is placed inside the paper and rolled, with the filter added at the end just before twisting to seal. Even though hand-rolled joints are relatively uniform in size, they still acquire a unique feel from the person who rolled them. 

One benefit of hand-rolled joints is that they are handled with care, and there are no machine-derived vibrations to disrupt the trichomes of the cannabis. The plant’s natural compounds remain relatively intact, and their therapeutic effect is enhanced. But, they are sometimes harder to find and more expensive, as it is cheaper to mass produce pre-rolls with automated equipment. 

All finished packages of pre-rolls are labeled with consumer information such as the date of manufacture, testing information, and other data that keeps users aware of what the product contains and ensures it is authentic.

How Can You Buy Pre-Rolls?

Kind Meds now offers pre-rolls for purchase in-store, as well as our full fresh menu online so you can browse before you buy. Before you come to the dispensary, check out our selection of pre-rolls and compare sizing, strains, and prices. That way, you can simply inform the budtender what you want and streamline your cannabis purchasing process. 

If you need more in-person interaction and advice on buying pre-rolls for the first time or trying a new brand or strain, visit a Kind Meds dispensary where you can speak to a knowledgeable and friendly staff member who can offer in-depth information on your purchase. Because there are different categories and subtypes of pre-rolls, it’s still helpful to do a bit of preliminary research so you have an idea of what you would like to try. 

Check out the descriptions below to get a better idea about how pre-rolls are packaged and how the different sizes compare.

Pre-Roll Categories

Here are some of the pre-roll categories you will encounter:

  • Singles. Pre-rolls can be sold singly and typically contain .75 to 1 gram of cannabis flower.
  • Packs. Pre-rolls are sold in packs that can contain anywhere from 2 to 7 joints, with a total of up to 3.5 grams of cannabis flower inside
  • Minis. Minis contain .5 grams of cannabis flower and are sold in packs,
  • Fulls. These pre-rolls are larger, with some containing a full 2 grams of cannabis plus special concentrates like THC diamonds (crystals of THC that boost their potency.) Some may refer to them as blunts, but they simply contain larger amounts of cannabis flower and do not contain tobacco, although they may resemble a traditional blunt more than a regular pre-roll.

Other Pre-Roll Considerations

Other Pre-Roll Considerations

Other considerations to keep in mind regarding pre-rolls include:

  • Pre-rolls can be strain-specific, which provides two different advantages. First, strain-specific pre-rolls contain only the cannabis strain in question without additional flavorings. Second, this specificity means you can get the full experience of a particular strain without committing to buying a large quantity of flower. Explore singles of the different strains of pre-rolls to get the desired effect you seek.
  • Pre-rolls can come in blends. Blends refer to strains that are mixed together to produce a different experience than one strain alone. Blends have a wider range of terpenes, which can enhance the flavor and aroma and provide a more focused effect. A heavily broad-leaf blend (often referred to as an indica blend), for instance, will give a relaxing effect if you need rest and recovery and hybrid blend will offer more balance if you’re looking to elevate your mood or align with your surroundings. Narrow-leaf blends (often called sativa blends) provide an uplifting effect to inspire creativity and ignite the imagination.
  • Pre-rolls can be wrapped in an almost endless variety of rolling papers. From rice paper, hemp, and palm leaves to refined white paper, flavored paper, and unrefined brown wrap, the pre-roll experience can vary depending on what is used for its outer wrapping.
  • Pre-rolls can be infused with concentrates. These pre-rolls have added cannabis concentrates such as hash, kief, wax, or other concentrates in addition to the flower strain of your choice. Sometimes, this concentrate is added to the paper wrapping, and sometimes, it is placed within the roll. Concentrates increase the potency of the pre-roll and, therefore, the experience of the user.

Why Choose Pre-Rolls?

Choosing a pre-roll from Kind Meds has many advantages. Our pre-rolls are convenient to purchase, simple to store and carry with you if needed,, and they are also an excellent way to acquaint yourself with new strains of cannabis without paying top dollar for a large amount of flower. You may have tried rolling your own joints in the past and found the process frustrating and time-consuming. Instead, devote your time and energy to enjoying what cannabis has to offer for your health and your downtime — opt for a pre-roll with outstanding cannabis quality, an even burn, and discreet, easily transported packaging. You can have fun trying different sizes and types of pre-rolls, too, and experiment with different possibilities for different occasions and health needs. 

It’s important to remember that other convenient methods of cannabis consumption, like edibles, tinctures, and vape devices, are not for everyone. Whether you prefer the predictable effects produced by inhaled cannabis or just simply enjoy the classic flavor of cannabis, pre-rolls are an excellent way to experience combustible cannabis without much fuss. (It should go without saying that all cannabis products should be used responsibly, and it’s important to note that pre-rolls are a form of smoking — they may have health risks that differ from edibles, for instance, and users should consider their personal health history as a factor when choosing pre-rolls.)

Pre-Rolls FAQs

Pre-Rolls FAQs

You may have more detailed questions about using cannabis pre-rolls, such as how they are packaged, how long they last, pricing, potency, and effectiveness. Check out the following frequently asked questions about pre-rolls for more information.


What Are Some of the Pre-Roll Packaging Types?

There are many different pre-roll joint packaging solutions on the market today, and which you’l prefer can vary depending on your needs. These include glass pre-roll tubes, child-resistant pre-roll tins, pop-top tubes, and custom cigarette boxes. 

You may need to keep children or pets away from your pre-rolls, in which case a secure, tamper-resistant package is ideal. You may also simply need something discreet and portable, such as a pop-up tube. Even the smaller options, such as plastic tube packaging, can come with child-resistant closures to keep your pre-rolls safe from tampering and from other elements in your purse, pocket, or satchel.

Can You Mix and Match Pre-Rolls?

You can easily mix and match cannabis strains when you buy pre-rolls, and your bundling options will depend on the promotions the Kind Meds staff has in place at the time. Try a handful of different strains on a singular basis, or choose two or more five-packs to build a bundle of pre-rolls. You then obtain a nice variety for different occasions and needs. You can also explore blends, which are pre-rolls containing strains that are specifically blended together to produce highly specific experiences. Whether you’re new to pre-rolls or just want a different effect, this is a fun and affordable option.

Do Pre-Rolls Expire?

Pre-rolls that come in wrappers or packaging have an extra layer of protection from mold, but they are still vulnerable to elements such as air, sunlight, moisture, and age. It’s generally advisable to store them in dry, secure locations and to use them within six to 12 months to avoid degradation of the cannabis flower. If you are wondering if your pre-rolls have expired, check the packaging they came in if you still have it, as it will have a “best by” recommendation.

Why Are Some Pre-Rolls Less Expensive?

Pre-rolls can be cheaper than buying flower alone, which comes as a surprise to some. However, you can also get pre-rolls made with average, instead of top-shelf, quality cannabis. Here at Kind Meds, you can be sure any pre-rolls you purchase include fresh, high-quality cannabis..

How Do I Control the Potency of a Pre-Roll?

Because someone else is doing the cannabis selection and rolling for you, its potency is out of your hands. The good news is, if you buy pre-rolls from a company that stands by its products’ quality and efficacy, you will receive outstanding service and an enjoyable experience from your cannabis. All our products at Kind Meds go through rigorous quality control and on-site overseeing, and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns from our clients.

Choose Quality Pre-Rolls From Kind Meds

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Kind Meds has expert staff available to help you make the right choice when it comes to cannabis products, especially if you’re new to the pre-roll selection process. We offer competitive pricing and a large variety of pre-rolls from high-quality brands, and we believe you deserve the best experience possible when you use cannabis for medicinal treatment or recreation. Be sure to check out our Mesa, AZ, cannabis menu for more information on pre-rolls to ensure you have all the details you need.

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