Cannabis Accessories

Kind Meds is a person-centered dispensary dedicated to providing Arizona residents with both medical and adult recreational marijuana. For each of these end uses, we are proud to offer boutique cannabis strains, delectable edibles, potent concentrates, therapeutic topicals, and much more – as well as a variety of high-quality accessories with which to use them. In fact, we believe that the right accessory can truly enhance the experience of cannabis use, whatever the form you choose. No matter your reason for choosing cannabis, our quality products, coupled with premium accessories, can help you enjoy life and find relief from pain, anxiety, or daily stress.

Accessories for Different Needs

Whether you need to start from scratch or have already amassed a sizable collection of cannabis accessories, quality is key. A new pipe, a rolling machine, a vape battery, and cleaning supplies are just a few of the items we can help you with to maximize your cannabis experience. Or, you may need storage solutions for your products so you can easily and effectively control their cannabis environment. From air-tight boxes and jars that will prevent decay and odor seepage or a discreet container that lets you store your cannabis without outside interference, we can help you select the right accessories for your needs.

First, browse our education section to learn about the products and consumption methods that may be a good fit for you. Then, reflect upon your cannabis goals before browsing our full list of accessories to determine which ones will serve you best. Not only will you be able to find the perfect accessory for your current lifestyle, but you may also realize new cannabis goals focused on ideals like discretion, mental well-being, and relaxation.

Read on for an overview of cannabis tools, hardware, and accessories you may encounter on your cannabis journey.

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Cannabis Hardware

Cannabis hardware can generally be described as any physical piece used to smoke, vape, or dab cannabis flower or concentrate. You’ll often find hardware made of blown glass, but ceramics, silicone, metal, and even stone can be used as well. Some of the more sophisticated tools even include electronic components.


Here’s a brief list of the various types of cannabis hardware you can find on the market.



Hand pipes are small and discreet – but also unique and beautiful – pieces, typically made from blown glass. If you are looking for something compact and relatively discrete, consider a hand pipe. They are extremely useful for the cannabis smoker on the go as they fit easily into small pouches, packs, purses, and pockets. Pipes are relatively simple and consist of just a few parts – a rounded bowl to hold the cannabis flower, a stem of varying length, and a mouthpiece at the end for drawing air and cannabis smoke. Many pipes also have a carb hole to help feed air to the cannabis while it’s in the bowl and to help you regulate the amount of smoke traveling through the pipe.

Pipe length influences the intensity of the hit. For example, with pipes that are under four inches long at the stem, you can expect to have a large and rather harsh throat hit. This is due to the heat of the cannabis as it travels through the stem of the pipe. Choosing a longer pipe will allow the cannabis to cool a bit more and will soften the sensation of the hit as you smoke.

You can find pipes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including:

  • Spoon pipes, also known as “bowls”
  • Sherlock pipes, which have arched stems and larger bowls
  • Steamroller pipes, which feature bowls that lead straight into a wide stem for a larger hit
  • One hitters, which often resemble glass cigarettes and hold just enough cannabis for a single hit


Bongs are essentially water pipes, which offer additional levels of smoke filtration and diffusion when compared to traditional hand pipes. They are designed to cool down smoke as it travels toward you when you inhale. Additionally, they filter the smoke, which is a feature that traditional dry pipes do not possess.

Bongs run the gamut when it comes to length, size, shape, and style. One thing to note is that all bongs include a mouthpiece, a downstem portion, a water reservoir, and a bowl, which serves as a receptacle for your flower. Most bongs are relatively similar in functionality despite the variances in the shape of the chamber, length of the stem, and design of the bowl. However, bubblers, beaker bongs, and percolator bongs are three subtypes worth exploring.


This pipe rests somewhere between a hand pipe and a bong. It’s shaped like a bong and functions just like one – but it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Bubblers can be made from any material, but silicone is becoming a popular choice
because of its lightweight nature, strength, and durability.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are ubiquitous and are modeled after the standard scientific style, where the downstem portion provides filtration and diffusion. However, instead of using a bowl, the flower typically rests in a portion of the neck. Some people enjoy putting ice
into the neck of a beaker bong because this cools down the intensity of the hit.

Percolator Bongs

This type of bong typically has two sections of water. One is within the length of the neck, and the other is inside the base. Both of these layers provide filtration and diffusion which, in turn, diffuses the hit for you. A good rule of thumb to note is that the more percs a bong has, the harder and deeper the draw. In other words, the cannabis has to pass through each of the percs as opposed to flowing through a simple beaker where it travels up quite quickly. Still, if you seek a smoother experience for your cannabis session, then a bong with one or more percolators is the key.

Vaping Devices

“Vaping” occurs any time you apply enough heat to cannabis flower or concentrate to vaporize it instead of combusting it, then inhaling the vapors. Traditional “vapes” are typically oblong and pen-shaped, though there are hundreds of different types of portable cannabis vaporizers. The most common types of vapes utilize a ceramic coil attached to a battery, which heats via an electric current when you draw, vaporizing the cannabis oil it touches. This style of vape device can either be a reusable battery and cartridge, or an all-in-one disposable device. Other types can vaporize dried cannabis flower (dry herb vapes) or small dabs of free-flowing cannabis concentrate (dab rigs).

Disposable Vapes

These are portable vapes that can be disposed of when the cannabis concentrate is gone. They are pre-charged, contain a measured amount of cannabis concentrate, and offer discretion to the consumer for on-the-go vaping.

Reusable Vapes

Standard vape pens utilize a rechargeable battery, which is actually the bulk of the vape device. The battery is attached to the coil and all electronic components, which are housed in a pen-shaped device with a mouthpiece at one end and threads at the other. Replaceable vape cartridges pre-filled with cannabis oil can be screwed onto the threads. It’s worth noting that some rechargeable battery systems use pods instead of
cartridges, but the idea is the same.

Dry Herb Vapes

A subcategory of vaping devices is the dry herb vape. Instead of liquid-based cannabis concentrates, dry herb vapes use the same heated coil technology to vaporize dried, cured cannabis flower. It’s worth noting that these devices are not typically as portable or discreet as classic reusable vapes.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are used to vaporize cannabis as well, though they function somewhat differently than what most people call “vapes.” These accessories are glass and constructed much like a bong, with a chamber, mouthpiece, and downstem, though they are usually a bit smaller in size. They also include a flat-top quartz, ceramic, or metal piece called a nail or banger in place of the standard bowl. Instead of combusting dried flower, a dab nail is superheated with a special handheld torch before a small bit (a “dab”) of cannabis concentrate is placed on the surface. The concentrate vaporizes immediately, and the user inhales the resulting cannabis vapor.

Smoking, Vaping, and Dabbing Accessories

Depending on whether you choose to smoke, vape or dab your cannabis, you may need a few accessories to go along with your cannabis hardware.

Dab Nail or Banger

As mentioned, the nail or banger is where you place the concentrates to be vaporized during a dab session. Though they are similar, a nail and a banger do have a few differences. A nail has a flat top and is often made of metal. A banger is usually made of quartz and is made to sit over the joint on the rig. It is designed with a bucket style end to hold the concentrates so they can be vaporized and inhaled.

Dab Rig Flow Cap

This is also referred to as a carb cap, and it helps create a seal on a dab banger. A hole and a stem that extends from the bottom of the cap allow the concentrate to evaporate faster and at a lower temperature. This, in turn, improves the flavor of the cannabis concentrate and allows the user to contain the vapor for a full hit.

Dab Bubble Cap

This dab accessory is used to manage the amount of air that is pulled into the banger. The concentrate is then distributed more evenly throughout the heated portion, and its taste is enhanced upon inhaling. As you inhale, the bubble cap should be placed on top of the banger and then twisted around. When you are ready to clear the rig, simply remove the bubble cap.


Lighters suitable for smoking or dabbing come in a variety of styles. From traditional to torch, butane to flameless, customers who enjoy cannabis will enjoy trying out different kinds of lighters for various occasions, situations, and weather. Keep in mind that small butane lighters with high heat are the best choice for dabbing.


This accessory is extremely important for those who enjoy smoking cannabis flower. Grinders use a sharp set of teeth to break cannabis down into smaller, more uniform pieces. Once ground, the cannabis is of an ideal consistency to use with rolling papers or rolling machines, or can be packed into a pipe or bong. Grinders are typically made of metal but may come in plastic or wood. While they can vary in shape, size, and grinding action, most grinders are composed of four pieces: the lid, the grinding teeth, the collection and storage chamber, and the kief catcher.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are necessary to roll joints, whether by hand or via a rolling machine. They are usually found in packets of several, with each paper containing an adhesive edge for sealing the joint. They can be found in a variety of materials, including rice paper, hemp paper, wood pulp, or even flax. You can also find specialty flavored papers as well as prefabbed paper cones, ready to fill with cannabis and twist closed.

Rolling Machines

A rolling machine or joint machine is a device designed to help users roll cannabis joints that have a consistent shape and size, and therefore a consistent burn. They typically consist of a roller mechanism and a holding chamber where the cannabis and rolling paper are placed. A grinder is also recommended to ensure the cannabis is fine and consistent in size. Rolling machines take the stress out of hand rolling and help the consumer have a lovely, tight joint. They save time for many and are extremely useful for patients with limited hand and finger dexterity.

Here are the most common types of rolling machines:

  • Manual rolling machines – These are the most basic and affordable and consist of a roller mechanism and a holding chamber into which your ground cannabis and rolling paper are placed. The roller is then rotated by hand to craft the joint.
  • Automatic rolling machines – These are more costly but do not require manual rolling. They plug in or use batteries to operate, and once you load the cannabis and rolling paper, the machine takes over to roll a perfect joint for your pleasure.
  • Cone filling machines – These joint machines are made to fill pre-rolled cones, which are an alternative to traditional rolling papers. All it needs is someone to fill the cone with pre-ground cannabis and then the machine will even provide packing.

Rolling Trays

Joints are a popular way to consume cannabis, but rolling them on your own can sometimes cause excess cannabis to be lost when it falls onto the rolling surface or onto the floor. A rolling tray is a handy accessory, because it catches the excess cannabis that would have otherwise escaped the joint and been wasted. Trays are excellent for anyone who needs to keep their cannabis and accessories handy and come in an enormous variety of shapes, colors, designs, and materials.


Ashtrays can be both useful and eye-catching accessories if you choose the right one. They provide a place to drop spent ashes from joints, pipes, bongs, blunts, and anything else in between so you can keep your space tidy and clean. Some people enjoy beautifying their homes with unique ashtrays in different colors, shapes, and sizes, while others seek ashtrays that provide multiple functions.

Storage Options

Safe and user-friendly storage options are crucial for the safekeeping of your cannabis and hardware. The most advanced storage options are airproof and block UV rays to prevent your cannabis from becoming stale or letting that telltale cannabis scent seep out into your home.

Here are two popular types:

Stash Boxes

Everyone needs a place to store their cannabis and accessories that will keep them safe in a location that is accessible but perhaps not obvious. Depending on its size, a stash box can hold a variety of products besides cannabis flower and concentrates, from pipes and grinders to pre-rolls and lighters. Whether you desire natural or synthetic materials, added features or simplicity, choosing a stash box that works for your lifestyle is a personal decision.

A stash box provides the following benefits:

  • Freshness – Cannabis can last up to a year when stored properly. Well-appointed stash boxes provide the perfect place to maintain your cannabis potency and effects.
  • Security – From basic key entry to biometric finger locks, stash boxes can provide many different security options. The most secure stash boxes are helpful if you have children, roommates, pets, or frequent guests.
  • Discretion – No matter how much you enjoy cannabis, you may not want your entire home smelling like your favorite strain. Stash boxes serve to contain unwanted odors and help conceal your cannabis and accessories from view..

Storage Jars and Bags

Jars and bags are a simpler way to store cannabis, but can be just as effective as a stash box. These receptacles are specially designed to store cannabis and often offer UV protection and odor-blocking features. Whether you are storing your cannabis at home or need to take it with you as you travel, a storage bag or jar can be a more portable storage solution.

Other Cannabis Accessories

Now that you can use your cannabis and stash it away between sessions, you may need these other important accessories as you continue your cannabis journey.

Cannabis Scales

If you’re being diligent about your cannabis dosing, you’ll need a scale to weigh your cannabis with integrity. Modern scales are discrete and digital and can even be taken on the go. Simply place one in your stash box for a convenient measuring solution.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your cannabis hardware and accessories clean will lengthen their life and help you maintain your investment. In addition, cannabis consumed from clean hardware offers the purest flavor and effects. Regular cleaning is advised for all types of accessories, but you can search for specific cleaning supplies that work best with your chosen hardware.

For instance, keeping dry pipes clean after consistent use means keeping pipe cleaners handy. This will prevent clogs and improve the taste of the cannabis smoke. For customers who use bongs, investing in an ash catcher will ensure that the accessory as a whole is clean and that its filtration system remains uncompromised. You can also purchase handy cannabis cleaning kits, which are ideal when you need to give your hardware a thorough cleaning.

Odor Eliminators

Eliminating cannabis odors from your indoor space is important for many customers who want to keep their homes fresh and devoid of lingering aromas. Cannabis odor eliminators can be found in various types of sprays and candles, both of which serve to disguise and diffuse strong scents from cannabis smoke and vapor.

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