Which Form of Cannabis Is Right for Me Quiz

With cannabis legalization and decriminalization policies continuing to sweep through the United States, more adults than ever are curious about trying cannabis. Until the semi-recent past, cannabis use was mostly associated with smoking and all the smells and residues that come with it. However, today’s cannabis products can be taken via many different routes of administration. For example, those who don’t want to smoke can now use a sublingual product or eat, drink, vaporize, dab, dissolve, massage, or even wear cannabis products in the form of a transdermal patch.

In addition, those who are open to the traditional method of smoking cannabis have the delight of choosing from hundreds of strains. Then, you can decide whether to roll a blunt, pack a pipe, load a bong, vaporize dry herbs, or use any number of other devices. As you can see, with all the different smoking methods to consider, modern tools like vaporizers and dab rigs, straightforward methods like consuming tinctures and capsules, plus the endless range of foods and treats that can be prepared using edible cannabis, the possibilities for consuming cannabis are limitless.


If you’re a newcomer to cannabis, here are the basic methods you can choose from and some further notes on each:


Loading raw, ground cannabis flower (“bud”) into a smoking device

  • Pipes suitable for smoking cannabis will be made of glass, silicon, or metal.
  • Joints can be bought pre-rolled from a dispensary, rolled by hand, rolled using a small machine (sold separately), or packed into a pre-rolled cone (sold separately).
  • Water pipes or bongs utilize flower packed into a small bowl, burned, and inhaled through a receptacle of water for a smoother hit.

Oral Ingestion

There are a few great ways to consume cannabis orally, including sublingual products placed under the tongue, oral concentrates, capsules, and edibles.

  • Edibles – Consuming cannabis-infused food and beverages is a great way to control your dose, so long as you’re purchasing tested, dispensary-grade products.
    • Sweet treats like cookies, brownies, and other baked goods, are a delectable way to consume cannabis.
    • Chewables, gummies, and lozenges are convenient and tasty.
    • Cannabis chocolates are a popular way to dose cannabis while accentuating the signature taste.
    • Savory options like corn nuts, beef jerky, crackers, oils, butters and other condiments.
  • Beverages, including pre-mixed THC soda products, teas, syrups, liquid shots, powdered drink mixes and more –  are a unique way to consume cannabis.
  • Tinctures and Oils – These cannabis concentrates can be placed under the tongue for quick sublingual consumption or swallowed. They can also be added to food or drink.

Vaporizing (“Vaping”)

Like smoking, vaping involves inhaling cannabis fumes, but only the essential cannabinoids and terpenes are vaporized for a cleaner, more flavorful hit.

  • Disposable vape pens are convenient and inexpensive.
  • Rechargeable vape pens / batteries with replaceable extract cartridges or pods are a great way to customize each cannabis experience.
  • Devices for vaporizing raw cannabis use only enough heat to activate and release the THC and other cannabinoids without combusting any plant material, so there is no soot, smoke, or ash involved.
  • Dabbing is a high-intensity offshoot of vaping that involves placing cannabis concentrate on a heated component of a dab rig, then inhaling the resulting vapor.

You can vaporize several cannabis concentrates, including:

  • Shatter – a clear, glass-like concentrate
  • Badder – melted and beaten shatter with a cake batter-like consistency
  • Budder – melted and whipped shatter with a peanut buttery consistency
  • Crumble – cannabis wax with a dry, crumbly consistency
  • Sugar – concentrate with THC crystals in a brown sugar-like consistency
  • Rosin – concentrate made by stripping the trichomes from fresh-frozen cannabis flower
  • Diamonds – large THC crystals
  • Distillate – potent, isolated oils often used for stirring into food and beverages, can also be vaporized


If you’re looking into using full spectrum cannabis, CBD, or 1:1 ratio products for muscle and body aches, you might also look at topical cannabis products.

  • Transdermal patches incorporate encapsulation technology to enable cannabinoids to cross into the bloodstream for full-body effects.
  • Topical ointments and salves can provide localized effects but cannot cross into the bloodstream.

Quiz: What Type of Cannabis is Right for Me?

Because of all the crucial choices involved, the prospect of purchasing and sampling cannabis can be understandably overwhelming to newcomers. At Kind Meds of Arizona, our friendly and well-trained staff are on hand at our dispensary seven days a week, ready to work through these important choices with you.

Of course, you may still wish to do your due diligence and complete some of your own basic research before visiting or contacting a dispensary. That’s why we’ve put together this fun, low-stress, 10-question quiz to help you answer some basic questions about the types of cannabis products that might work best for you.