Cannabis-Infused Coffee Recipes and Ideas

Cannabis-Infused Coffee Recipes

Cannabis has become widely used and accepted. It has helped many overcome physical and mental pain. Many enjoy finding new recipes to get the most out of their THC. Those who like to use cannabis as part of their morning routine may be interested in experimenting with THC and coffee, a combination that offers a unique morning pick-me-up.

If you wish to add cannabis to your favorite coffee drink, there are a few very easy ways to do it—but simply adding ground-up flower to your coffee filter isn’t one of them.

The psychoactive ingredients in cannabis won’t be activated by hot water alone, so you’ll need to have some sort of prepared edible form of cannabis to mix with your coffee.

  • Cannabutter – Melting butter in coffee has become a trendy way to add richness and fatty calories to your morning joe, so classic cannabutter makes a great vehicle for adding cannabis to your coffee.
  • Infused honey – Cannabis infused honey is another natural choice for adding THC to your coffee. It adds sweetness while avoiding the greasiness of cannabutter or cannabis infused coconut oil.
  • Extracts – Adding THC to your coffee in the form of an extract allows you to add the exact dose you want without worrying about increasing your drink’s sweetness or fattiness.
  • Pre-infused brewer pods –Some cannabis companies have begun to offer pre-infused coffee, hot cocoa, and tea pods for use in Keurig style coffee machines.
  • Other prepared edibles – These days you can find cannabis infused milks and milk substitutes, sweeteners, oils, chocolates, flavored extracts – you name it! Anything that can be dissolved in or blended with hot water is fair game when experimenting with coffee… even things that don’t dissolve can be used, but it could affect the texture of your morning joe.

Which method is best? That depends completely upon your goals and how you like your coffee. Each option has pros and cons.

Cannabutter can take a lot of flower to produce potently, but honey can only be added in certain quantities before it makes your drink unbearably sweet. And while butter may seem like an unhealthy option, there has been some suggestion that buttered coffee may have health benefits for those on ketogenic diets, though further research is needed to prove this link.

As always, start small, experiment responsibly, and find what works for you.

Can THC Be Used in Coffee?

THC and Coffee

Yes, you can add THC or CBD to your morning cup. You can use honey, cannabutter, oil, tincture, powder or other cannabis infused products, such as milk and sugar.

Many people who enjoy coffee and cannabis together on a regular basis report enjoying an energetic yet mellow experience, which is about what you might expect from the combination. Everyone experiences psychoactive drugs like caffeine and THC differently, however, and the experience may not be for everyone. New users and those with a low tolerance to either substance should start with very small amounts.

The key to the synergy between coffee and cannabis would seem to be the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for pleasurable sensations and the brain’s “reward center.” The THC in cannabis products is known to stimulate dopamine neurons in the brain, and caffeine, itself a stimulant, can magnify these pleasurable effects.

It’s worth being aware that combining caffeine with other drugs to enhance euphoric effects can actually make the drug more addictive than it would otherwise be when used by itself. A 2014 study in the Journal of Neuroscience paired THC with a stimulant compound, MSX-3, that shares several properties with caffeine. The research found that the stimulant increased the effects and addictive properties of THC.

One of the study’s authors actually said, “Caffeine is not good at any dose, to associate with THC.” However, one important detail is that the study was conducted on squirrel monkeys rather than human beings! (And was also using MSX-3 rather than the natural caffeine found in coffee.)

You should definitely be cautious when combining cannabis and coffee and may want to avoid making a daily habit of it. Despite the potential risks, though, many people see great benefits from using cannabis and caffeine, together or separately, as part of their morning routine.

What Are the Effects of Mixing Coffee and Cannabis?

We know that cannabis stimulates dopamine production, then caffeine amplifies the effects, and in general that makes the user feel “good,” but there is a lot of room for experimentation and crafting different experiences within that simple framework.

Remember that the particular effects of mixing cannabis and caffeine will always be hugely dependent on each individual user’s endocannabinoid system.

Another important factor that is within your control is what type of cannabis strain you use for infusing your coffee.

  • Sativa – often described as a more energetic buzz. If you want to double down on caffeine’s energizing effects, consider mixing a sativa strain with your coffee.
  • Indica – if you’d rather try to mellow out coffee’s jittery effects, try pairing it with an indica strain.
  • Hybrid – the best of both worlds. Modern hybrid strains are extremely potent with a full range of effects.

How to Make THC-Infused Honey Coffee

THC-Infused Honey Coffee

Any liquid based THC product can be added to coffee. One of our favorites is made using THC-infused honey.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this do-it-yourself recipe:

Cannabis Honey Coffee Recipe


  • 8 ounces brewed coffee
  • 1 teaspoon cannabis honey (learn how to make next)
  • Creamer and sugar to taste (optional)


  • Brew your coffee using your preferred method.
  • Add the cannabis to your mug.
  • Pour hot coffee into the mug.
  • Use a fork or handheld milk frother to emulsify the ingredients.
  • Add in sugar, milk, creamer, or other optional additives of your choice and enjoy.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Honey

Equipment needed:

  • Slow cooker or crockpot
  • Cheesecloth and string
  • Storing container



  • Put the decarbonated weed into the cheesecloth and tie it with a string.
  • Add the bundle of weed to your slow cooker or crockpot.
  • Add in the honey and set the temperature to low for 6-8 hours while stirring every once in a while.
  • Take out the cheesecloth and pour the honey into your container.
  • Let the honey cool and enjoy!

Note: Set the temperature to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit so you don’t burn THC.

How to Make Coffee With Cannabutter

How to Make Coffee With Cannabutter

If you’ve never had a cannabutter coffee, you’re missing out! Although buttered coffee started trending a few years ago, butter has actually been mixed into coffee for centuries. Next time you make a batch of cannabutter try freezing some in an ice cube tray. Simply pop a cube to add to your morning cup!


  • 8 ounces brewed coffee
  • 1 teaspoon cannabutter
  • Creamer and sugar to taste (optional)


  • Prepare your coffee using your preferred method.
  • Add cannabutter to your mug.
  • Gently melt the cannabutter in the microwave for half a minute.
  • Pour hot coffee into the mug.
  • Emulsify the ingredients using a milk frother or fork.
  • Add your preferred coffee additives and enjoy!

Want to make your own cannabutter? Get our step by step guide here:

How to Make Cannabutter: Marijuana Infused Butter (with Potency Calculator)

Cannabis-Infused Coffee FAQs

Cannabis-Infused Coffee FAQs

Q: Will I Get a Better High From Cannabis Honey?

A: The level of potency and effects are strictly dependent on the strain used to make the honey.

Q: Will I Get a Better High From Cannabis Honey?

A: The level of potency and effects are strictly dependent on the strain used to make the honey.

Q: Can I Use Cannabis Honey in Cold Beverages?

A: Yes, you can, but make sure it is stirred well. Honey needs heat to dissolve adequately into your drink. This makes coffees, teas, and other hot beverages the go-to for cannabis honey!

If you are planning on using honey in a cold drink, heat the drink then cool it down with ice. Make iced tea infused with cannabis; put cannabis honey in with the tea before cooling it.

Q: Will Cannabis-Infused Honey Kill My Dog?

A: According to the Pet Poison Helpline (1-800-213-6680), the risk of marijuana poisoning in dogs is moderate to severe. In rare cases, it can kill dogs, especially if a dog ingests a large amount.

Q: How Should I Dose Infused Honey?

A: Generally, you can expect to use the same amount as you would cannabutter, but keep in mind the servings. If you are simply using it for a cup of coffee or tea, adjust the dose based on that amount.

If you are adding it to a recipe, add a little in place of sugar. The amount of honey is equal to the amount of sugar at a 1:1 rate. So add as much honey as you would sugar.

Q: Can You Add CBD to Coffee?

A: Yes, CBD can be used in coffee. You’ll need an infuser mug or a French press to infuse the liquid.

With an infuser mug, place a few drops of CBD oil into the filter and then add boiling water. Cover and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

With a French press, add the CBD oil to the French press before you begin. When you press the coffee grounds, let it sit for 3-5 minutes before pouring.

Q: Will Cannabis Honey Spoil?

A: Yes, eventually your cannabis-infused honey will spoil. To prevent mold and keep the honey as fresh as possible, store it in an air-tight container in a dark place.

On average, it will keep for about 6 months. You don’t need to put the honey in the refrigerator. In fact, cannabis honey will last longer if you keep it at room temperature!

Q: What Other Cannabis Products Can I Use for My Coffee?

A: As we mentioned earlier, just about any dissolvable THC product can be used in the coffee-making process. You can even use cannabis sugar/cannabis milk as your sweetener or creamer.


Cannabis and Coffee

Cannabis and Coffee

Although not everyone will have the same experience with cannabis and coffee, many who have tried it report that the blend has elevated the effects of both. Beyond the typical “buzz” the cannabis terpenes provide the coffee with a unique scent, specific to the strain, opening up a whole new world of possible pairings.

If you haven’t tried cannabis coffee yet, make one for yourself and decide if you like the feeling it gives you. The only way to know is to try, after all.