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Dime Industries Vape Products

Brands that prioritize quality are a true commodity in the cannabis industry and a rare gem for cannabis consumers. At Kind Meds, we believe that quality cannabis has the power to make a difference. That’s why we only team up with brands that we know create exceptional products.

This month, we’re proud to highlight Dime Industries as one of our featured brands. Dime Industries is an award-winning cannabis cultivator renowned for superior quality and top-tier products. With over seven years of experience under its belt, the brand is known for continuously taking new strides to revolutionize the cannabis industry. Here’s everything you need to know about Dime Industries and its selection of outstanding cannabis products.

Who Is Dime Industries?

Dime Industries is an acclaimed cannabis brand that is unique from your average cultivation company. Taking the term “dime” literally by creating products that are beyond superior quality, the brand works diligently to formulate luxury cannabis products using advanced extraction methods. Because cartridges and concentrates can be diluted or contaminated with harmful substances when manufacturers are careless, Dime Industries prides itself on being a brand that customers can trust for high-quality extracts.

This company has been active for over seven years, and in that time, it has created one of the most impactful footprints of any cannabis brand via its work with vaporizers and concentrates. Even better, because Dime Industries believes that luxury cannabis should be accessible, the company is continuously working to increase its reach across the country and beyond. As of now, you can find Dime Industries’ superb products in over 500 dispensaries across the United States and Canada. If you’re looking for premium cannabis products that exceed your expectations, Dime Industries is the brand for you.

Accomplishments and Recognition

Our favorite cannabis connoisseurs at Kind Meds aren’t the only people who love Dime Industries and its products. With cannabis as notable as this, it’s no surprise that Dime Industries has garnered an impressive amount of recognition over the years. The brand has managed to win a variety of prestigious awards, and it has been the subject of multiple features in acclaimed publications.

The following are just a handful of noteworthy awards Dime Industries has received:

  • Best of Weedmaps 2022
  • High Times Cannabis Cup Award for Best Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains (multiple years in a row)
  • Weedcon Cup Award 2022
  • Farmers Cup Award

Dime Industries’ Products

Dime Products

With excellence as its goal, Dime Industries works to cultivate only the highest quality cannabis and uses advanced extraction methods to keep its products natural. Unlike many other brands, Dime Industries creates its own flavor formulations instead of sourcing them from a third party. This not only helps the brand to create one-of-a-kind flavor profiles that enhance its products, but it also helps to eliminate the unknown chemicals that could potentially deplete the quality of the cannabis.

Dime Industries focuses on the power of extraction, which has led to some truly outstanding concentrates. Their goal is to create the ultimate cannabis experience through powerful products that highlight the myriad of benefits cannabis can supply. Learn more about their luxury cannabis products below.

Vape Products

Vapes are one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. This is mostly due to the fact that they are extremely convenient and more discreet than smoking, two reasons many people opt for vaping over the classic flower. However, because there was such a sudden rise in the demand for cartridges, there were problems a few years ago with inattention to the safety measures necessary to make quality vape products.

Fortunately, Dime Industries uses pristine methodology to keep your cartridge concentrates as clean and effective as possible. The brand offers four lines, all of which come in various beloved strains.

You can find these vape lines available in regular cartridges, Dime Tanks, Dime All-In-Ones, or a combination of the three.

  • Signature Line – Dime Industries’ Signature Line offers cartridges filled with THC distillate infused with live resin. In addition to using pure, potent cannabis, this line also combined the brand’s most popular flavor profiles to create a delicious, effective high.
  • Live Reserve Line – The Live Reserve Line highlights more exotic strains of cannabis while using a unique mixture of melted THC diamonds and a high-terpene extract. With unique flavor profiles, liquid diamonds, and high-grade THC, this line offers an even more potent high than your average vape.
  • Rosin Line – Many cannabis oils and distillates are made with solvents to assist in the extraction process. However, Dime Industries’ Rosin Line offers users the chance to experience a solventless rosin cartridge filled with concentrate that has never been exposed to solvents. As of now, the brand is offering six different strains in its Rosin Line.
  • Balanced Line – For those who are looking to enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabis without feeling too high, Dime Industries’ Balanced Line cartridges are a great option for you. To create this product, the brand carefully incorporates a perfect balance of minor cannabinoids to create an “entourage effect” that subtly enhances the various benefits of cannabis without leaving the user too buzzed. The Balanced Line includes a blend of THC, CBD, THCV, CBN, and CBG

Dime Tanks

Dime Vape Tanks

Dime Industries’ innovative Tanks are vape cartridges made from leak-proof, anti-break glass. Tanks feature a dual heating plate to create an even burn and a durable product. Unlike other cartridges made of fragile glass, Dime Tanks shouldn’t break or leak after being dropped. Dime Industries Tanks are available in 1,000 mg in both the Signature and Live Reserve lines.

5th Generation Battery

Dime 5th Generation Battery

The 5th Generation Battery is an award-winning, rechargeable battery with five different heat settings and is compatible with Dime Industries’ traditional and Tank carts. Because this device uses a high-capacity battery, it’s incredibly durable and is able to heat to 425 degrees almost immediately without creating that burnt taste so many other batteries are known for. This battery blows generic, single-temperature devices out of the water by giving users the ability to customize their settings and create the perfect vaping experience for months to come.

All-in-One Disposable Devices

Dime All-in-One Disposable

Dime Industries also recognizes that many people using vaporizers do so for convenience and discretion. Because of this, they created a renowned all-in-one disposable device that incorporates both a tank cartridge and their award-winning rechargeable battery. All-in-Ones comes fully equipped with custom heat settings tailored to the type of vape concentrate involved, but you can create your own unique cannabis experience by customizing the device settings according to your needs.

The Dime Industries disposable pen is a superb product that provides potent results while still allowing for discreet and simple use. Currently, the All-in-One is available in the Signature, Live Reserve, and Rosin lines, as well as frequent collaboration and limited edition versions.


Concentrates are a range of cannabis products created by extracting the most desirable compounds from cannabis plant matter. While cannabis flower contains cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and more, as well as terpenes that provide benefits when the flower is combusted, concentrates are unique because they “concentrate” these compounds into a more condensed form. Concentrates begin as extracted cannabis oil, which can be manipulated in many ways to create a variety of unique textures, consistencies, terpene and cannabinoid profiles, and potencies. While you can generally find flower with THC percentages ranging from 10 to 40%, the THC levels in today’s most potent extracts can easily push 70 and 80%.

Check out Dime Industries’ unique concentrates if you’re looking for an unmatched cannabis experience:

  • Cannabis Sugar – Sugar gets its name from the sugar-like THC crystals that give this concentrate its signature wet brown sugar texture. Dime Industries’ cannabis sugar is a full spectrum extract with generous amounts of terpenes and THCA.
  • Cannabis Rosin – Rosin is typically stickier than sugar, but it is still packed with powerful terpene flavors and potent cannabinoids. Dime Industries uses a heat-press machine to extract rosin, creating a solvendtless concentrate people love.
  • Badder – The consistency of badder is thicker than your typical cannabis oil. This is because badder is whipped during the creation process to create a cake-batter-like texture. Dime Industries’ badder is one of the brand’s smoothest concentrates and does an amazing job of highlighting each strain’s unique flavor.
  • Sauce – This concentrate is significantly wetter and stickier than some of the other types, but this enables you to easily manipulate it for different uses. Dime Industries’ sauce has large THCA crystals surrounded by terpene-rich oil in a honey-like consistency.
  • Crumble – Compared to other Dime Industries concentrates, crumble has the “driest” consistency. This is because it’s made by whipping air pockets into the liquid concentrate before drying into a crumbly consistency. Crumble is a delicious, easy-to-dab concentrate that is known for packing a punch.
  • Diamonds – By using an advanced evaporation method, Dime Industries is able to create crystals of 100% pure THCA concentrate. This formula is renowned by cannabis connoisseurs across the country and is known for its incredible potency, strong aroma, and award-winning buzz.

Award-Winning Strains and Flavors

Award Winning Strains & Flavors

One of the reasons Dime Industries consistently wins awards is its outstanding flavor profiles. As mentioned, the brand takes the time to create its own vape formulations, which has enabled it to come up with some of the most iconic flavor profiles to date.

Some of Dime Industries’ most popular strains and vape flavors include:

  • Blueberry Lemon Haze
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Watermelon OG
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bubblegum Kush
  • Apple Gelato
  • Banana Mac
  • Mango Diesel
  • Sour Grape
  • Cantaloupe Dream

See what critics and customers have to say about the brand’s products:

“Best in Class”

“As an active cannabis consumer, I prioritize cleanliness, flavor and both physical and psychoactive sensations. I found that Dime products unequivocally align with those prerequisites. From presentation, to function, to tasty flavor, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Dime disposable vape pen.” – Raya Fanuzzi, Cannabis Now

“Great Strength, Great Taste”

“This particular cartridge has one of the smoothest smokes I ever had. I didn’t go hoarse from smoking it repeatedly and it doesn’t hit hot… Dime Industries vape cartridges have excellent THC content and the high is very strong on the sativa.

The distillate within my Dime cartridge was tested at a very nice 85.68% THC. It only took two solid hits before I start feeling the effects. The high is very uplifting, like a Sativa should be, and it lasts for a good 3 hours. At first, the high seems really light, but then it starts to snowball and it gets very strong.

Overall, I would say that Dime provides an excellent experience. The distillate is top notch and is very smooth and flavorful. The high is clean and the oil doesn’t leave any residue on my tongue.” – Dominique, DabConnection

“Home-Run Products”

“Dime Industries vapes are home-run products. Formulated with potent terpenes, this award-winning brand is a master at building layered flavor profiles that hit hard and last long…
The flavor is where the dime industries’ disposable stand out most. Formulated with top-shelf terpenes I found these vapes to offer rich flavor profiles, similar to eating a fresh piece of fruit… One feature I really liked was the aftertaste. The aftertaste was just as fruity and smooth as the inhale.

The vape clouds produced from a 5-second inhale are epic. You can expect a huge cloud when exhaling, the cloud will fill your space with a fruity, terpene-rich aroma that is intoxicating.” – Danielle Walden, BestDosage

Where to Find Dime Industries’ Products

There are currently over 500 dispensaries across North America that proudly sell Dime Industries’ products. You can find them in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, and even Canada. Here in Arizona, the staff at Kind Meds is ecstatic to offer some of Dime Industries’ signature products at our local dispensary.

While we encourage you to keep an eye on our fresh menu to see which Dime Industries products we’ll offer next, we currently stock three of the brand’s product lines. As of now, we are proud to offer Dime Industries Tanks, Signature All-in-One Disposables, and Live Resin All-in-One Disposables. Each of these is better than the next for the conscious cannabis connoisseur looking to try something new.

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At Kind Meds, we are proud to take the time to curate an elite cannabis selection for our customers. That’s why we sell premium cannabis products from signature brands like Dime Industries. Dime Industries is a superior cannabis company that knows exactly how to enhance the cannabis experience via potent, carefully cultivated products. Our team eagerly anticipates continuing to serve up Dime Industries cannabis, and we are excited to hear what you have to say about them.

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