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Halo Infusions Products

Since 2013, the cannabis creators at Halo Infusions & Extractions have taken pride in developing high-quality edibles and other delightful cannabis-infused treats for their expanding client base. The brand’s mission statement, in all its glory, reads: “To Create Cannabis Infused Products That Reflect Our Commitment To Quality, Consistency, And Value.” This devotion to cannabis products stems from a combination of cannabis science and tasty treats and has resulted in some of the most innovative cannabis edibles on the market.

Learn more about Halo Infusions before you ascend into bliss with a Halo product from Kind Meds.

What Sets Halo Infusions Apart?

Aside from the wide range of delicious cannabis-infused goodies coming out of Halo Infusions, what really sets them apart from its competitors is its impressively large cannabis edibles kitchen. It’s a kitchen that is, in fact, the largest edibles kitchen in the state of Arizona at 7,000 square feet. This new edibles kitchen allows Halo Infusions to dedicate extensive amounts of time and money to developing more and more unique products. The brand also focuses on developing new formulas, validation testing, cannabis storage, widening its distribution network, and testing viable marketing strategies.

Bigger is always better, especially when it comes to making the best cannabis edibles on the market.

Halo Rising

In a 2023 article from Ganjapreneur, Halo Infusions’ highly capable leadership team details the long-term plans that the company achieved since its entry into the competitive world of the Arizona cannabis market. Cultivating a singular, cannabis-based business in Arizona requires a lot of faith, hard work, devotion, and perseverance, the likes of which very few other businesses must endure. There are only a small number of dispensary and cannabis cultivation licenses available at any given time through the state’s cannabis program. Without a license, it is difficult to establish a competitive, independent cannabis business.

However, Halo Infusions has never been deterred from realizing the company’s dream. In 2022, Halo Infusions sold off their retail and cultivation licenses for a whopping $30 million, which allowed them to refocus most of their energies on a singular goal. Halo Infusions CEO Murray Stein was quoted as saying, “Selling the licenses enabled us to focus on our first true love: infused products.” Halo Infusions has certainly made good on refocusing their love of infused products through the use of their enormous edibles kitchen, resulting in a number of competitive and affordable brands that have won the company many awards throughout their run.

Halo Infusions’ Wide Range of Tasty Products

Utilizing the power of the biggest edibles kitchen in the state of Arizona, Halo Infusions has developed a number of award-winning cookies, brownies, and other sweet confections that are all infused with cannabis and available for purchase at our Kind Meds dispensary in Mesa, Arizona.

Here are some of the uniquely developed cannabis edible treats that Halo Infusions has to offer:

Aunt Ellie’s Baked Medibles

Aunt Ellie’s Baked Medibles

Combining cannabis infusion with tasty favorite cookie flavors results in Aunt Ellie’s Baked Medibles. Aunt Ellie’s offers a wide range of cookie favorites, such as double chocolate chip, homestyle peanut butter, oatmeal cherry walnut, red velvet macadamia nut, and gluten-free ginger. You’ll find a wide range of brownie favorites under the Aunt Ellie’s umbrella as well, such as classic brownie, gluten-free brownie, medical brownie, super mega brownie, ultra mega brownie, and daily dose brownie. Dosage amounts range from 25 milligrams to 100 milligrams to even 500 milligrams for those looking for a bigger dose.

Aunt Ellie’s Baked Medibles has won several awards in the Arizona cannabis community, including:

  • Best Medical Marijuana Edible from Best of Phoenix.
  • Best Edible from Cannabis Bowl.
  • Best Baked Edible from Best of Phoenix.
  • Sweet Edible Category (3rd Place) from Errl Cup 2020.
  • Best THC Brownie from Cannabis Bowl 2020.
  • Best Craft Baked Edible from Cannabis Bowl 2020.
  • Best THC Brownie from Cannabis Bowl 2021.
  • Best Craft Baked Edible from Cannabis Bowl 2021.
  • Best Infused Brownie from Cannabis Bowl 2022.

Cannabliss Medicated Snacks

Cannabliss Medicated Snacks

Cannabliss Medicated Snacks offer a wide range of tasty THC-infused gummies and hot sauces. Cannabliss offers sour gummies, spicy gummies, THC gummies, and 1:1 THC:CBD gummies, as well as hot sauce and green pepper sauce. Dosage amounts land at about 100 milligrams for both the gummies and the hot sauces.

Cannabliss has won several awards in the Arizona cannabis community, including:

  • Best Edible from Cannabis Bowl.
  • Best Candy Edible (2nd Place) from Cannabis Bowl.
  • Savory Edible Category (2nd Place) from Errl Cup 2020.
  • Best CBD Edible (3rd Place) from Errl Cup 2020.
  • Best Candy THC Edible from Cannabis Bowl 2020.
  • Best Savory Edible from Errl 710 Degree Cup 2020.
  • Best CBD Edible (3rd Place) from Errl 710 Degree Cup 2020.
  • Best Savory Edible from Errl Cup 2021.
  • Best Candy THC Edible (2nd Place) from Cannabis Bowl 2021.
  • Best Savory Edible (2nd Place) from Errl Cup 2022.

Canna Confections Candies & Confectionery

Canna Confections Candies

Canna Confections offers a wide range of cannabis-infused chocolates and candies, including caramels, crispy cereal marshmallow treats, and lollipops. Dosage amounts range from 25 milligrams to 100 milligrams to 500 milligrams for some of the larger chocolate bars.

The bars include flavors like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. The marshmallow treats include a classic rice mellow and a daily-dose rice mellow, the latter of which is a 25-milligram dose. The vanilla caramels come in a 2×10 milligram bag or a 10×10 milligram bag. The lollipop flavors include mango, pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, and watermelon.

Pure & Simple Juices

Pure & Simple Juices

Pure & Simple offers a wide variety of cannabis-infused juices, all of which are available in 100-milligram bottles. Flavors include Prickly Lemonade, Hibiscus Citrus, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, and Chai Latte.

Pure & Simple has won several awards in the Arizona cannabis community, including:

  • Best Soft Drink Edible from Cannabis Bowl.
  • Best Soft Drink Edible from Cannabis Bowl 2020.
  • Best Infused Beverage (2nd Place) from Errl 710 Degree Cup 2020.
  • Best Soft Drink THC Edible from Cannabis Bowl 2021.
  • Best Infused Beverage from Cannabis Bowl 2022.

Other Halo Infusions Products

One of the best parts of a cannabis kitchen is that skilled cannabis creators can use it to make therapeutic products, too. This is a category that extends beyond cannabis snacks.

Chronic Health Tinctures & Topicals

Tinctures & Topicals

Chronic Health offers a wide range of CBD oils and homemade salves, all of which are designed to provide pain relief and satisfaction. Dosage amounts range from 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams for the tincture oils and a variety of strengths for the homemade salves. Chronic Health offers pain relief ointment, 1:1 pain relief ointment, and hemp pain relief ointment, all of which offer different levels of relief. You’ll also find glycerin tinctures in various strengths and bundle packs.

Chronic Health has won several awards in the Arizona cannabis community, including:

  • Best Topical from Errl 710 Cup.
  • Best CBD Edible from Errl Cup.
  • Best Topical from Cannabis Bowl.
  • Best Topical from Errl Cup.
  • Best Tincture from Cannabis Bowl.

Canine CBD Therapy

It is not fair that we get to indulge in cannabis-infused treats and therapies when our pets don’t get to indulge with us. Thankfully, Halo Infusions changed that with Canine CBD Therapy. These products are designed to help anxiety-afflicted dogs through the use of CBD oil and full spectrum hemp oil. They are specifically designed to make your furry friend feel better and improve your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Unlike other hemp products for dogs, Halo Infusions goes beyond the medical minimum to develop a healthy, therapeutic product that not only aids in calming dogs’ anxiety but promotes their general welfare with unique compounds that reinforce the dog’s health.

A Brief Note About Edibles

In today’s society and culture, there are so many different ways to experiment with cannabis. In particular, edibles are evolving into an industry all their own. Companies like Halo Infusions are finding ways to not only spotlight the effects of cannabis, but also to develop delicious treats that stand on their own. A lot of these confections actually mask the taste of cannabis, which is a selling point for customers who want to feel the effects of cannabis without dealing with its signature flavor.

If you’re new to cannabis edibles – especially the tasty varieties produced by Halo Infusions – it’s crucial to know what you’re getting into when you partake in these sweet treats.

Edibles have been proven to have longer-lasting effects than smoking flower or inhaling cannabis vapor. That’s because inhaling smoke or vapor introduces THC into your body through the lungs and directly into the bloodstream. Inhalation produces a high that can set in within a few minutes and last about an hour depending on the strength of the product.

By contrast, when you nosh on an infused brownie or gummy from Halo Infusions brands, the THC and CBD are introduced through the digestive system, since you are eating them like you would any other food product. Since these cannabinoids must process through your digestive system before passing into the bloodstream, the high can take up to two hours to fully set in. What’s more, when THC is metabolized by the body, it releases a THC byproduct known as 11-hydroxy-THC, which is also psychoactive. That means the high produced by your favorite cookie or cannabis-infused juice can last a good three hours and will potentially feel much stronger.

Edibles can be a great deal of fun and particularly delicious, especially the products from Halo Infusions. However, due to the way the body handles these products, it’s important to pace yourself and learn to understand how your body responds to edibles. Start slow and gauge the effects of a single dose – which Halo brands print right on the packaging – then wait a couple hours before redosing. As you explore the variety of delicious treats offered by Halo Infusions, you’ll get a sense of how much of each unique and tasty sweet you need to achieve your ideal effects.

Visit Kind Meds and check out the Halo Infusion products

Kind Meds and Halo Infusions

Whether you’re searching for the perfect, portable cannabis gummy, a rich, chewy brownie, a refreshing juice drink, or another tasty edible, our friends at Halo Infusions have crafted a product for you. Alternatively, their line of topicals and pet therapeutics can help you or your furry friends beat the stress and symptoms that have been slowing you down. No matter your need, Halo Infusions has consistently produced the high-quality cannabis products necessary to satisfy.

Best of all, you’ll find plenty of great products from Halo Infusions available for purchase at Kind Meds dispensary in Mesa, Arizona. Kind Meds makes a point to rise above your average cannabis dispensary. We strive for greatness, and we seek to spread our message of positivity across the state.

Head to our online cannabis menu to take a look at some of the fine products we offer and place an order for pick-up if you are so inclined. Our storefront is located at 2152 South Vineyard, Unit 120, in Mesa. We are open 10 am to 8 pm, seven days a week. Come on by and see what we have to offer you, or contact us for more information.


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