Featured Cannabis Brand: The Inventing Room

The Inventing Room Hash Holes

In the year 2020, amidst a backdrop of global pandemic, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo emerged from the Arizona desert with a vision to redefine the cannabis concentrate experience. Even more importantly, they wanted to do so in a way that would uplift their community and contribute positively to cannabis culture. That duo was Jacob and Phyleesha Karp, the passionate minds and skilled hands behind The Inventing Room, Arizona’s first state-licensed solventless cannabis company.

The rest, as they say, is history. In this instance, that history involves a long line of highly satisfied Arizona cannabis consumers–and hash aficionados in particular.

Inside The Inventing Room

The story of The Inventing Room is not just another tale of entrepreneurship. It’s a testament to creativity, resilience, a fearless spirit of innovation, and – of course – a deep appreciation for cannabis. The Inventing Room’s inception at the beginning of the decade was more than just a business venture for the Karps. It was an idea born from the desire to find a cannabis company that they could feel wholeheartedly good about supporting. When they couldn’t find such a company in the early Arizona market dominated by corporate, out-of-state producers, the Karps decided they would simply create it themselves.

Since becoming established as CEO of The Inventing Room, Jacob Karp has become known as a sort of “Willy Wonka” figure in the Arizona cannabis industry, thanks to his innovative outlook, boundless enthusiasm for his craft, and willingness to think big. The Inventing Room happily leans into this association with the renowned fictional chocolatier, with playful nods to Roald Dahl’s iconic character coming in various forms. You’ll find product packaging that looks like it could have come from a fantasy chocolate factory itself and even Karp’s online handle of @green_wilder is a reference to the original big-screen Wonka actor – the late, great Gene Wilder. But where the Willy Wonka of legend only gave out five golden tickets, anyone who stops into Kind Meds of Mesa to pick up a “Hash Hole” pre-roll from The Inventing Room can cash their own golden ticket to a premium cannabis wonderland.

This dedication to excellence and inventiveness hasn’t gone unnoticed. In addition to becoming a fast favorite among the state’s retail cannabis shoppers, The Inventing Room has also scored mentions in prestigious outlets like High Times and Forbes, as well as beaming coverage in the local Arizona media.

Setting the Standard: The Inventing Room’s Solventless Extracts

Live Hash Rosin

Image via: keepitsolventless.com

When searching for their niche, the creators behind The Inventing Room zoomed in on the burgeoning concept of solventless extracts. Whether by design or happy coincidence, this choice resulted in a company whose mission and product line mirror one another in significant ways: namely, through a commitment to purity and excellence. Solventless extracts are beloved among cannabis connoisseurs because they offer high potency without sacrificing purity or flavor. The Inventing Room has rapidly become a leader in this unique sub-field of retail cannabis production – not only in Arizona, but throughout the fast-growing industry.

The Inventing Room’s signature solventless cannabis extract is their live hash rosin, and this product perfectly embodies The Inventing Room’s quest for a cleaner, purer cannabis experience. The creation of this high end cannabis product begins with the highest quality buds, which are lovingly cleaned and hand trimmed of all stems and other excess material. Rather than being cured and dried, like most cannabis flower destined for the retail market, the buds are then flash frozen to preserve maximum freshness, flavor, and effect. Simple heat and pressure (rather than harsh solvents like butane) are then employed to extract a highly potent cannabis concentrate product suitable for adding to flower, using in vaporizer devices, or consuming with a dab rig.

The Inventing Room’s commitment to high-quality solventless extracts is an end-to-end proposition that begins with sourcing the best cannabis buds and doesn’t stop until the product is lovingly packaged into innovative, vacuum-assisted Pop-Vac extract jars. That ultra-satisfying “pop” you hear upon breaking into a new package of your favorite solventless extract isn’t just a signal of freshness. It’s a reminder of The Inventing Room’s attention to detail and their love for the craft of cannabis.

Introducing Hash Holes: The Cannabis Connisseur’s Golden Ticket

The Inventing Room Hash Holes

Among The Inventing Room’s latest and most innovative offerings are Hash Holes. In our opinion, it is simply not enough to refer to a Hash Hole as an “infused pre-roll.” Each Hash Hole is a hand-prepared tribute to superior cannabis craftsmanship. Best of all, though, it’s also a super-potent marijuana treat for all occasions.

So, what exactly are The Inventing Room’s Hash Holes? Check the specs:

  • 1.25 gram total weight full-spectrum cannabis pre-roll
  • Contains .25 grams of The Inventing Room’s flagship Live Hash Rosin for maximum potency from first puff to last
  • Live Hash Rosin core is hand-rolled with one full gram of premium cannabis flower, which has also been trimmed and ground by expert hands
  • Custom-folded RAW filter and Organitip for a truly high-end smoking experience
Consider this impressive specs list in contrast to the average infused pre-roll on the retail market. Many infused pre-rolls – even pricier ones – use mid-range, machine-processed flower mixed with butane hash oil. The creators behind The Inventing Room argue that this type of extract merely increases THC content without adding anything to the overall character of the smoking experience. While these products are perfectly adequate if your only goal is a great high, consumers who care about cannabis can turn to Hash Holes for a more curated, holistic smoking experience.

The combination of flower and live hash rosin also allows terpene connoisseurs to experience a range of unique blends of strains through Hash Holes and in a different context than would be found in other products.

Some of the different cannabis strains used to produce Hash Holes include:

Hash Holes Live Hash Rosin Strains

  • Lemon Diesel x Creamsizzle crossbreed – The sweet-yet-zesty, sativa-leaning Lemon Diesel is crossed with the ultra-fruity hybrid Creamsizzle to produce a high-yielding bud that results in a monster batch of extract–one of our favorites.
  • GMO Pie – A true hybrid (50/50 indica and sativa genetics) that regularly tests above 21% THC, GMO Pie is well-loved among both recreational and medical marijuana users.
  • Sour Apple – Sometimes called “Sour Apple Diesel,” this is a modern, high-potency hybrid that offers massive THC levels with a flavorful and satisfying terpene experience.
  • Zour Runtz – The Inventing Room’s Zour Runtz goes heavy on the “zour” for a unique and desirable terpene-forward cannabis experience.

Hash Holes Flower Strains

  • Duct Tape x Tropical Cherry crossbreed – The dankness of Duct Tape, the tasty flavor profile of Tropical Cherry, and the impressive potency of both.
  • Super Boof – Sometimes, it’s all in the name. And if you need more than that, just take a look–and a sniff–of some deep green Super Boof buds and judge for yourself.
  • Sherb Cake – This indica -leaning hybrid has become a fast favorite and is available in many retail cannabis products across the United States.
  • Black Ice– A hybrid derived from the iconic White Widow and Black Domina strains, Black Ice is somehow more than the sum of its formidable parts.
  • Dulce de Fresa – Dulce de Fresa is perhaps best known for its glorious, sparkly, colorful buds, but it’s no less impressive in the flavor and potency departments.
  • Urkle x Dosilato crossbreed – Urkle, believed to descend from the renowned Mendocino Purps line, is crossed with the Do-Si-Dos relative Dosilato indica strain for a high potency flower that packs a unique punch.
  • Baklava – With a flavor profile as big as its Greek pastry namesake, Baklava has Kush and Gelato lineage that allows it to hold its own in a Hash Hole setting.
Whether you’re seeking a particular terpene profile, maximum cannabis dankness, the strongest possible pre-roll experience, or all of the above, you’re sure to find something to suit your individual cannabis use goals in The Inventing Room’s line of Hash Holes. Be sure to stop in at Kind Meds of Mesa frequently to check the inventory. The Inventing Room is always working on innovations in their Hash Holes line and beyond.

Kind Meds AZ and The Inventing Room: Inventing the Future of Cannabis

As we look toward the future of the cannabis industry, The Inventing Room stands out, not just as one of our favorite producers to work with but as a beacon of positivity and creativity in an increasingly commercialized and sanitized retail cannabis landscape. The Karps and their partners aren’t just committed to the small but crucial details that make for top-shelf boutique cannabis products. They’re equally dedicated to centering big ideas like community values and environmental sustainability and pushing these ideas to the forefront of the cannabis industry.

At Kind Meds dispensary of Mesa, AZ, we’re thrilled to count The Inventing Room among our preferred vendors, and we’re very excited to show you their Hash Holes and other great solventless extract-based products. Browse our online catalog to see our current inventory of products from The Inventing Room and compare them to some of your other favorite products. We have a thoughtfully curated selection of high-end cannabis products from The Inventing Room and other top cannabis producers, suitable for both adult recreational and therapeutic use.

At Kind Meds, we strive to be more than just another place to buy legal cannabis. Our mission is to use cannabis to spread wellness and positivity. We embrace our neighbors in Mesa as well as our visitors from throughout Arizona and beyond and strive to help all find the perfect cannabis products to meet their unique cannabis needs and goals. Through a collaborative and customer-driven dispensary, we can help ensure that your own personal cannabis journey will be comfortable, enjoyable, and, in all ways, a success.

How Can I Buy The Inventing Room Products?

Buy The Inventing Room Products at Kind Meds in Mesa, AZ

Head to our online catalog if you’re ready to place an order for pickup. If in-person shopping is more in line with your tastes, please come by to visit our state-of-the-art facility at 2152 South Vineyard in Mesa (unit #120). Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to walk you through our menu of offerings, including flower pre-rolls, extracts, vape cartridges, edibles, topicals, and a range of accessories.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or continue exploring our website to empower yourself with more excellent cannabis info. We’re open seven days a week, so we’ll be here whenever you’re ready. The team here at Kind Meds looks forward to unlocking The Inventing Room with you!