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Glorious Extracts

In 2019, Glorious Extracts became a licensed cannabis facility in Arizona. However, this modern cannabis company was far from new to the industry. In fact, Glorious Extracts has been serving the Valley area since 2012, when it first began providing high-quality resin, rosin, and other cannabis products to the local community.

Their efforts have earned them various awards, including the 2014 Connoisseur Choice Award and the 2016 Secret Cup. By helping Arizonans acquire premium cannabis extracts for affordable prices, Glorious Extracts has been able to help countless people across the state as they begin or improve their cannabis journey.

At our Kind Meds dispensary in Mesa, AZ, we take pride in featuring premium cannabis brands from across the US, but we especially love featuring Arizona brands. That’s why we’re so excited to offer Glorious Extracts live resin and rosin. Together, Kind Meds and Glorious Extracts can help you customize your cannabis experience with these premium extracts.

Products Offered by Glorious Extracts

Glorious Extracts offers three premium cannabis products, and as you may have suspected from the company name, all are cannabis extracts. Each product is carefully produced to ensure peerless purity and quality, as a part of Glorious Extracts’ pledge to compromise only on the products’ price, not the quality. Glorious Extracts focuses on live resin, cured resin, and live rosin.

Glorious Live Resin

Glorious Live Resin

There are several ways to produce cannabis extracts which can be differentiated by the material used, the extraction process, and the finishing process. However, certain processes may degrade the cannabis’s flavor and aroma, as they can negatively impact terpenes and other compounds during extraction. For this reason, Glorious Extracts focuses on live resin, which retains the aromas and flavors of cannabis concentrates, enhancing the experience for the user. Resin is extracted from cannabis without the need for solvents.

Live resin is created by flash-freezing freshly harvested cannabis, which allows it to retain its original properties at the best point of the life cycle. This is why we refer to the product as “live.” Using fresh products prevents the cannabis from losing its terpenes, the source of its distinctive flavor, aroma, and therapeutic profile. During extraction, certain steps are followed to keep the substance as cold as possible, further preventing terpene loss.

Unlike other cannabis forms, no drying or curing is necessary to produce frozen material and live resin. Drying and curing extracts can negatively alter trichomes and terpenes in the substance, which is fortunately not the case for live resin. Increased exposure to oxygen, heat, and light can also harm the terpenes, which is why Glorious Extracts practices such attention to detail when creating and packaging its extracts.

When not consuming live resin, it’s recommended to store your cannabis in a cold setting, such as in an air-tight container in your fridge. Not only does this help the substance retain its aromas and terpenes, but it can allow the substance to last longer. You’ll keep your enjoyment of your Glorious Extracts Live Resin going as long as possible – until you’re ready for more.

Glorious Extracts Live Resin appears yellow in color, and the texture is soft, pliable, and almost sugary due to how the substance is processed. Most extracts feel sticky, which is why using dab tools is a great way to handle live resin. In fact, dabbing is the most common method of consuming live resin. Some consumers find that adding live resin to a blunt, joint, or bowl adds an extra kick to their smoke session.

Live vs. Cured Resin

Curing cannabis means you eliminate the enzymes and bacteria that naturally cause the plant to break down. By curing resin, for instance, you can prevent some of the breakdown of terpenes and cannabinoids, which would evaporate or break down on their own. However, as mentioned, curing can itself affect the terpene profile.

Cured resin typically contains slightly less terpene value than cured resin, but this also depends on other factors such as how it was grown, the strain of cannabis, how it was harvested, and more. Live resin tends to retain more of the plant’s natural terpene and cannabinoid profile, while the cured resin is often a more affordable product. No matter which cannabis experience you select, Glorious Extracts resins are among our favorites in this booming industry.

Glorious Live Rosin

Glorious Live Rosin

Live rosin is a newer product developed by Glorious Extracts to enhance your cannabis repertoire. The process for extracting live rosin is similar to live resin, as both involve flash-frozen flower carefully selected to preserve the full terpene profile of the strain. Ice water is then used to strip the resinous trichomes from the flower, and the trichome-rich water is then placed into several micron bags to catch the hash. This ice water hash is freeze-dried and placed into smaller micron bags. Then, these bags are exposed to heat and pressure, extracting the compound-rich rosin for consumption.

Due to this elaborate process, rosin is considered a top-shelf product. The cannabinoid and terpene levels are at their peak, allowing for a full-bodied, enjoyable experience. Consuming and storing this product should occur much like live resin. Live rosin should be kept in a cool, air-tight environment to prevent the substance from degrading. Consumers also tend to dab live rosin, though it may be used to top cured flower in a bowl, joint, or water pipe.

Glorious Live Rosin, like Live Resin and Cured Resin, is considered a solventless concentrate, which means the extraction process did not involve an organic solvent like ethanol. This method preserves the natural compounds found in cannabis and ensures a pure, potent product. Meanwhile, Glorious Live Resin contains some of the highest terpene content found in cannabis concentrates. The odor and flavor are unique from other forms of cannabis, and both are often used for sensory-related experiences.

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Glorious Extracts FAQs :

Glorious Extracts Product

While the thought of live resin or live rosin may be appealing, many Kind Meds customers have additional questions about the products. Our staff at Kind Meds is available to address any concerns you may have, and the following questions are some of the most common questions we’ve received.

How Much Do Live Resin and Live Rosin Cost?
It’s important to remember that cannabis costs can fluctuate depending on the market. Live rosin costs more due to the more elaborate process of extracting this premium concentrate.
Can I Purchase Glorious Extracts Products Online?
At Kind Meds, we do not sell cannabis concentrates online. Come visit us in person and learn more about Glorious Extracts products before you make your purchase.
Do Glorious Extracts Offer Other Products?
As of now, live resin, cured resin, and live rosin are the only cannabis products Glorious Extracts has developed. However, as a company at the forefront of Arizona cannabis innovation, the Glorious Extracts creators likely have a host of ideas for potential new products. As you’d expect, the company works diligently to ensure its products are high-quality and high in value to cannabis users.

Are Cannabis Concentrates Better Than Flower?

For new users interested in trying out cannabis for themselves, many wonder if flower or concentrates are the way to go. The truth is that both are effective means of enjoying cannabis, and one is not better than the other. However, which method will work best for you will ultimately come down to your personal preference.

Resins and rosins are both concentrated cannabis extracts and may be referred to as either extracts or concentrates. Concentrates come with some unique benefits that are worth considering for any cannabis user. We’ve compiled some information about flower and concentrates, so you can determine whether Glorious Extracts products are for you.

Concentrates have the potential to impart several benefits:

  • Dosing – Using concentrates can ensure more accurate dosing, as they are easier to measure than cannabis flower.
  • Purity – As solventless extracts, you can rest assured that Glorious Extracts products have no residual solvents and often hit smoother and cleaner than flower.
  • Potency – Concentrates are also more potent than flower, enabling you to use less product to achieve your goals.
  • Variety – Concentrates come in a wide range of options, more so than flower.
  • Flavor and Aroma – Live resin and live rosin are just as packed with flavor and aroma as live flower, which makes sense, given these are concentrates created in a way that preserves the full terpene profile.
  • Regulation – Cannabis concentrates are highly regulated by the state of Arizona, and Glorious Extracts concentrates exceed regulatory standards. The best way to avoid purchasing unregulated and low-quality concentrates is to purchase your extracts from high-quality, licensed dispensaries like Kind Meds.

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Kind Meds Is Your Home for Glorious Extracts


Glorious Extracts isn’t simply another cannabis company. The team at Glorious Extracts is well-attuned to its customers, whether they’re looking to enjoy cannabis as a beginner or a seasoned expert. The result of these efforts has earned the company several awards, and there are no signs of Glorious Extracts slowing down. Our team at Kind Meds is proud to be partnered with a company that respects this industry as much as we do.

Try Glorious Extracts Live Resin, Cured Resin, and Live Rosin for yourself by visiting our cannabis dispensary in Mesa, AZ. Stop in and ask your friendly budtender for a recommendation, and we can help provide the guidance you need to choose your new favorite cannabis products.