Kind Meds Featured Products: Shatter and Wax Dabs

You can now get great deals on marijuana concentrates at a premium Mesa dispensary. If you’re used to going to a dispensary in Tempe, Arizona, head out just east to Kind Meds in Mesa, which often offers deals on a large selection of shatter, wax and other types of dab products in the East Valley.

These are by far the best selections and deals offered by any dispensary in the area. It will be easy for patients to find something they like, no matter their preferences. If you need help deciding, consider the following highlighted products.

Shatter Dabs

Shatter and Wax

Shatter is a translucent concentrate that is the purest type of extract, created by forcing chemicals through cannabis material, which results in an amber colored liquid. This is the most popular type of concentrate on the dispensary market today and can come in many different textures. The gooier shatters can have more CBD and terpenes in comparison to the brittle variety, which can cause it to smell better.

A common mistake people make is believing that more transparent the shatter is, the more THC it contains, but this is not typically the case. Shatter also has a more solid form than wax, which makes it ideal for dabbing and vaporizers.

Wax Dabs

Cannabis wax has the texture of coconut oil and looks a lot like earwax. Like shatter, wax begins as liquid created by butane extraction. Cannabis wax refers to thick oils that have lost the quality of transparency following extraction. The molecules of wax crystallize due to agitation.

Wax may have different consistencies based on the heat, moisture and texture of the oil prior to the process of removing solvents from the product. Gooey oils containing additional moisture often result in waxes with a runnier consistency, known as budder or hash. Waxes that are more solid usually have a soft but crumbly consistency, hence the name crumble.

  • What Is Crumble Wax?

    Created by a process like shatter, the creation of crumble usually requires oils that have more moisture, a distinct temperature and a fuller texture. These factors create the wax crumbling appearance. Crumble wax is somewhat hard to handle, so it is not as popular as shatter. However, crumble wax’s loose structure works well in vaporizer rolls.
  • Differences Between Shatter and Wax

    There are hardly any differences between the shatter and wax butane hash oil (BHO) concentrates in regard to how they are used, their potency and their underlying effect. However, there are a few slight differences in management and storage:

    • Shatter is more stable and will frequently last longer, whereas wax is less secure and does not last as long.
    • Wax can be easier to produce, as you do not have to be as careful in the process, whereas shatter is more difficult to procure.
    • Shatter is harder to measure and manage due to its fragility.
    • Wax is far easier to store because of its oily consistency.

Understand the Quality of Your Extract

The quality of your extract is determined by many factors, but the truth is that many are not noticeable by eye. Lighter, goldish colored oils can be a sign of a high-quality extract; however, the color and consistency of extracts do not necessarily indicate purity or potency.

The only foolproof method for determining the underlying quality is lab testing. There is no other viable way of measuring remaining solvents and other debris inside the extract.

Beyond the consistency and texture, there are very little differences between wax and shatter. Shatter and wax are both potent and high-quality options among the range of cannabis concentrates that can suit the needs of all patients.

Medical Marijuana Shatter Dabs Near Chandler ArizonaUnderstand How to Store Your Extract 

Since dabs do not stick to silicone, the best way to store your dabs is with the use of silicone dab containers. Silicone containers help prevent oil from being wasted needlessly and keep the container from becoming sticky and hard to clean. Silicone works well for storing all dabs, wax or shatter.

New to Dabbing?

How Do I Dab?

Dabbing is very different than smoking cannabis, and it requires not only different equipment but also a different type of cannabis substance. You cannot dab with dried cannabis flower; you need to purchase cannabis concentrate. This is typically referred to as shatter, wax, or cannabis concentrate. This substance is a highly refined form of cannabis that can reach potency levels of 95% or more.

A dab rig includes several components, such as a glass pipe, a heating element (commonly called the “nail”), a protective dome piece to trap vapor, and the dabbing wand that you use to apply your cannabis concentrate to the heated nail. After heating the nail to 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the user applies a small amount of wax or concentrate to the heated nail and inhales. The hot nail vaporizes the concentrate, and the user can cover the nail with the dome piece to trap vapor inside if he or she cannot inhale the entire dose at once.

Benefits of Dabbing

Dabbing requires the use of cannabis concentrate, which is vastly more potent than dried flower or other common cannabis products like edibles and infused beverages. Dabbing only requires a very small dose, but it produces a very powerful effect in just a few seconds. Instead of sitting on a couch and puffing on a joint for 10 minutes, a dab can achieve a stronger effect in a single hit in less than one minute.

People who rely on cannabis medication to handle everyday medical issues can enjoy relief much faster with dabbing compared to other cannabis consumption methods. This method is a bit more complex than conventional cannabis use, so speak with an expert Kind Meds Budtender for more information about what you need to get started.

Possible Menu Options

The following is a list of concentrates that are in stock at the Kind Meds dispensary.

  • Venom Extracts – Shatter .5 g & 1 g
  • Melting Point Extracts
  • Aeriz Concentrates
  • High Grade Carts

The following is a list of several concentrates that may be available at the Kind Meds dispensary. To get the most up-to-date information about what is available in real time, visit our menu here.

  • Trichrome Shatter
  • Anamo Shatter (VALUE) .5 g
  • Canamo – Shatter (CLASSIC) .5 g
  • HYH Society – Crumble (various strains)
  • YH Society – Shatter (various strains)
  • Kind Clear Shatter (assortment of strains)

Whether the choice is shatter or wax, you truly cannot go wrong either way! If you’re used to checking for the best dispensary deals Tempe has to offer, see the options at Kind Meds in Mesa instead and make your selection before these items sell out.

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*Originally published March 5, 2018 and updated February 25, 2020