Now Open In Vegas: The World’s Largest Cannabis Entertainment Complex

Now Open In Vegas: The World’s Largest Cannabis Entertainment Complex

On November 1st, 2018, Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. celebrated the grand opening of its superstore: the world’s largest cannabis entertainment complex, now located in Las Vegas. Arizona residents can now take quick road trips up to Nevada, where recreational marijuana is legal, to take in the city’s recreational cannabis culture.

About Planet 13 Holdings, Inc.

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. is a cannabis company based in Nevada. The state of Nevada legalized recreational use of marijuana in 2017, becoming the eighth state to do so. Citizens of Nevada over the age of 21 can purchase, possess, consume, and grow cannabis lawfully without medical marijuana cards – as long as they do so according to the state’s laws.

Planet 13 is a leader in the cannabis industry, known for award-winning cannabis cultivation and production. It recently brought its premium cannabis to the entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas – in the form of the largest dispensary on the planet. Anyone can now experience Nevada’s cannabis culture through a visit to the Planet 13 Superstore in Las Vegas.

What Is The Planet 13 Superstore?

Planet 13 Superstore

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. named its enormous cannabis dispensary after the company: Planet 13 Superstore. It’s located at 2548 W. Desert Inn. Road in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is just a few feet away from the Las Vegas Strip. Planet 13 Superstore has a few different phases before total completion. Phase 1 of the project consists of 40,000 square feet of cannabis entertainment space. It boasts incredible features such as interactive attractions, on top of over 16,000 square feet of retail space for cannabis products.

Phase 2 and 3 of the project will build even more unique cannabis-themed attractions for visitors. Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. predicts around 2,000 customers to visit the superstore daily, thanks to its high-traffic location just off the strip. It has 42 cash registers to serve this enormous customer base, along with hundreds of experienced budtenders to walk consumers through the purchasing process. It will feature goods from many different cannabis companies across Nevada.

Planet 13 Superstore is the largest cannabis dispensary on the planet. One of two CEO’s of the company, Bob Groesbeck, also believes it has the monopoly in breadth and quality of product. Planet 13 is the only dispensary with a location so close to the Las Vegas Strip that has the potential for multiple expansions over the next few years. It is one of only two dispensaries that targets Las Vegas tourists. The Co-CEO of the company says he is confident the store will become a must-visit for many of the 55 million tourists who come to the city each year.

Plan Your Trip To Planet 13 Superstore

Trip To Planet 13 Superstore If visiting the world’s largest cannabis dispensary is now on your to-do list, start planning your quick road trip from Arizona up to Las Vegas. The drive from Mesa to Las Vegas is about five hours long via US-93 North. It’s a relatively straight shot up the highway, once you get there from AZ-101 Loop N and I-17 N to AZ-74 W. Simply type Planet 13’s address into your phone or GPS and start your journey to this incredible dispensary.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, so you don’t need to worry about getting in legal trouble for purchasing or consuming products from Planet 13 Superstore. Just make sure you are 21 or older, you have a valid form of identification, and you don’t consume cannabis products in public. You may buy up to one ounce of marijuana or 1/8 an ounce of concentrate per purchase, and up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in a two-week period. You may only consume cannabis in private residences or pot-friendly lodging**, so don’t try to use it in your car, at a bar and especially not at any casino.

Tips For Taking In The Vegas Cannabis Culture

The Vegas Cannabis CultureMake sure your next road trip to Las Vegas includes a stop by Planet 13 Superstore. Then, continue your marijuana tour around the city with a visit to the Cannabition Cannabis Museum in the heart of downtown. Steep yourself in the city’s cannabis culture with an herbology tour, where you can see behind-the-scenes and get amazing price discounts on products. One tour, Loopr, provides chic mobile cannabis lounges for an unforgettable social cannabis experience.

On your way back to Arizona, make sure you don’t drive while under the influence of cannabis. This could lead to a criminal charge and serious consequences. You may also not transport any cannabis products you purchase from Planet 13 Superstore back into Arizona. It does not matter if the products you purchases are legal with your medical marijuana card. You cannot transport cannabis products out of Nevada.


Indulge Responsibly

The opening of a cannabis superstore is exciting news for many enthusiasts in and near Las Vegas. Curb your enthusiasm enough, however, to enjoy your cannabis experience without getting into legal trouble. Take advantage of Nevada’s recreational laws without breaking any. Travel safely and enjoy your road trip to the world’s largest cannabis dispensary.