Treating Your Dog’s Anxiety With CBD Products for Canines

Using CBD for Dog Anxiety

Modern pet owners are always looking for new ways to improve their pets’ quality of life, treat their ailments, and generally ensure long, happy lives for their pets with healthy and reliable remedies. Generally, pet owners tend to prefer feeding and medicating their pets along similar lines to how they treat themselves. Pet owners who eat healthy, all-natural diets tend to prefer healthy and all-natural foods and treats for their pets.

It’s no surprise that as cannabidiol (CBD) products have grown increasingly popular for human consumption, dog owners across the country are more receptive than ever to the idea of treating their dogs’ ailments with CBD for dogs. However, while there are many similarities in the ways people and pets receive treatment for the ailments that affect them every day, there are many key issues surrounding the question of CBD for dog anxiety that require pet owners’ consideration.

One of the ailments most commonly treated with CBD among humans in the US is anxiety, a condition that everyone experiences to a degree at some point. Some live with symptoms of anxiety on a constant basis and with varying degrees of severity. CBD can effectively treat some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders in some patients and do so without incurring the typical side effects common with most psychiatric medications. Dog owners who have seen symptoms of anxiety in their dogs may wonder if CBD could help their pets cope with anxiety better.


How Do Dogs Experience Anxiety?

Dogs are incredibly empathic creatures, and studies show that dogs can mirror the psychological symptoms and moods of their owners. Dogs can perceive the moods of people around them, and this influences them to an astounding degree. When it comes to anxiety, stressed out dogs in turn create stressed out owners. As owners worry about their pets’ wellbeing, their pets pick up on their intensified stress levels and their anxiety worsens in turn. This can create a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

Do Dogs Experience Anxiety



Anxiety Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

Anxiety on its own is an unpleasant experience, but, when dogs experience anxiety for prolonged periods of time, they can start to develop unwanted behaviors that may put their lives at risk. Anxious dogs may turn to destructive or even aggressive behavior. Owners who witness displays of these behaviors may not be willing to explore remedies to curb these problematic behaviors and instead relinquish their pets. This contributes to the number of euthanized dogs in the country, and it’s sad and unfortunate that otherwise healthy dogs are subjected to what is essentially abandonment and death due to behaviors they developed at no fault of their own.

Dogs can experience acute episodes of anxiety and also display consistent anxious behaviors, such as sensitivity to noise, hostility toward new people or other dogs, or anxious chewing on toys and household objects. Dogs cannot process their emotions and psychological issues the same way as people can, so they can depend on their human partners to guide them through difficult times and provide them with the food and treatments they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Anxiety can also jeopardize the dogs’ health. Prolonged anxiety can leave dogs more vulnerable to physical illness, the symptoms of which can exacerbate anxiety even further and lead to extensive medical issues that may be difficult to treat.


How Does CBD Treat Anxiety in Dogs?

 Does CBD Treat Anxiety in Dogs?

CBD offers an alternative to typical anxiety treatment, which often consists of a prescription for a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), many of which are known to cause adverse side effects and medical risks. It’s not entirely clear how CBD works to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, but available research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests that CBD activates CB1 receptors in the central nervous system and CB2 receptors in the peripheral nervous system, altering serotonin signals. Low serotonin levels can cause depression and symptoms of anxiety.


Understanding CBD Treatment for Anxiety

It’s important to note that the legal status of cannabis and cannabis-related products remain in a legal grey area due to its illegal status at the federal level and the decriminalization and legalization seen at the state and local level throughout the country. This legal turmoil surrounding cannabis had bled into discussions of CBD products, despite the fact that CBD can be derived from hemp, cannabis’ non-psychoactive sister plant. To add to the confusion, CBD products containing less than .3% THC are legal at the federal level but remain illegal in some states.

While many doctors in states that have legalized or decriminalized medical cannabis may readily suggest CBD as a potential treatment for their patients’ anxiety symptoms, it remains illegal for veterinarians in any state to recommend or prescribe CBD products to their patients. Some veterinarians will not even discuss CBD for dogs or other CBD-related issues with their patients to avoid potential professional consequences. This means it falls to dog owners to determine if CBD is right for their pets.


Treating Your Pet’s Anxiety With CBD Treats for Dogs

The legal questions and misinformation circulating about CBD for dogs are certainly obstacles for many pet owners who may be interested in CBD for dog anxiety, but the reality is there is no firm guidance when it comes to dosing and dosage strength. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine recently published a study that seems to indicate that CBD treatments can be both safe and effective for dogs and determining appropriate dosage comes down to the half-life of CBD, or how long it lasts in the body once consumed.


Determine the Appropriate Dose for Your Dog

If you’re interested in exploring CBD for dog anxiety, the first step is to determine an appropriate dose for your canine companion. This can be difficult as companies that produce CBD products include CBD oils of varying levels of potency. High-potency CBD treats for dog anxiety could cause problems in small dogs whereas low-potency CBD treats for dogs may not produce any noticeable improvement in larger breeds.

While considering your dog’s size and weight, you must also take your pet’s underlying health conditions and regular activity level into account. If your veterinarian is willing to discuss CBD supplements for your dog, it’s worth asking their advice when it comes to adding CBD to your dog’s treatment schedule.


Starting With CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

Once you have decided to try CBD treats for dog anxiety, you should aim for starting small and then working up to the manufacturer’s recommended dosage. For example, a company may produce 75mg CBD treats for dogs of smaller breeds and 300mg or more for larger breeds. It’s also vital to conduct thorough research on the manufacturer to ensure the CBD treats for dog anxiety do not contain any hazardous ingredients. Unfortunately, the lack of regulation in the CBD product market has allowed many questionable products to find their way to store shelves. The best CBD dog treats should have similar ingredients to the regular treats you feed your dog and responsibly sourced CBD oil from a reputable manufacturer.

Your dog’s activity level can help you determine how quickly your pet will metabolize the CBD in their treats. Very active dogs may require larger doses as they will metabolize them faster than more sedentary dogs. Underlying health issues such as liver or kidney problems will also affect the metabolization rate.

CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety


Choosing the Best CBD Treats for Your Dog

TRU Infusion CBD Dog Treats at Kind Meds

You can find high-quality CBD dog treats for anxiety and other canine health issues at Kind Meds in Mesa, AZ. Dog CBD treats from TRU Infusion CBD are some of the most carefully manufactured CBD treats for dogs available today. TRU Infusion CBD only uses sustainably and responsibly grown hemp cultivated in the United States and performs a CO2 extraction process for the cleanest, most purified CBD oil possible. Every product is tested before and after production to ensure the treats do not contain any pesticides, trace metals, or harmful chemicals from the hemp growth process or CBD extraction process.

TRU Infusion CBD dog treats contain 5mg of CBD in each treat. About half of one treat is acceptable for smaller dogs, and medium dogs can have one full treat. Larger dogs can have one to two treats per dose depending on weight. As with any other CBD product for pets, it’s best to start small and work up to the recommended dose to see how the dog responds to the introduction of CBD into their diet.

You love your dog, so you certainly want the best for them. If you think that CBD could improve your dog’s anxiety symptoms, then it’s important to discuss your thoughts with your veterinarian and do some careful research before giving your dog CBD treats. Once you feel comfortable with the product you have purchased, start with a low dose, and pay close attention to how your dog’s behavior changes. If you are worried about adverse side effects or notice any worrisome changes in your dog’s behavior, contact your veterinarian right away.